Wednesday, 18 March 2009

What's a Little Dessert Among Friends?

I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow, which, in and of itself, is nothing new. I do it most days.
This is a little different because I'm shopping for the ingredients for three desserts!

Last Friday when we were explaining our raw food lifestyle to our 'straight' friends (hey it beats saying SAD friends! haha), I told them I'd bring in samples of raw food this coming Friday so they could experience the taste sensations we were raving about.

At this point, I think they all politely think we're nuts, so of course I want to WOW them!

On the other hand, not everybody's tastes are the same so ya never know how it's gonna go. One thing's for sure, nothing will go to waste!

I thought desserts would be a great introduction to raw foods, and I figure I can't go wrong with raw brownies, date nut torte and raw apple pie. Mmmm.

I'll make the brownies tomorrow and freeze them so they'll be perfection by Friday. I'll wait until Friday to make the apple pie and the torte, so they'll be fresh and fabulous.

Now, if we can just keep out of these desserts so I can serve them up properly.

I mean, a piece of pie should be triangle-ish, right?

Well around here, the lines get blurred. Busy little fingers take yummy little corners off food all the dang time. So you get a delicious BLOB of apple pie.

And never mind when things are in the dehydrator...there's no such thing as a round tortilla or a square piece of bread. The edges have that chic torn look. And Steve usually looks guilty, but it's not always him. aheh.

It's just so TASTY!

Anyway, I sure hope things turn out delicious.

Funny how I never think that when I'm prepping food for just the two of us. It's always delicious, or I would never eat this way! haha, seriously!

Somehow when other palettes are involved, the stakes seem higher. Maybe it's my ego, wanting to make SURE they love it, or maybe it's my inner perfectionist coming out (is that the same as ego?)

Maybe it's the part of me that owns a Mastiff who sheds like crazy and oh gawd what if there's a hair in the food?

I really could drive myself not so politely nuts. It's just food and I do it all the time.

Really, what's a little dessert among friends?


Zucchini Breath said...

i'm lucky. I have a white cat and the fur don't show as much in the food. I have seen the boy put a bite in his mouth with a cat hair on it and said nothing. Evil step-mom? yew betcha. But I know I eat my share of kitty butt hairs and didn't want him to fall out all spastic over it :)

Rawkin' said...

HAHAHAHA this cracked me up! I think along the same lines and when I do, I tell myself 'Way to go, Supermom'.

What's a little pet hair in the family? ;)


Jessica said...

I shot you an email about a raspberry sauce I made for the brownies the other day. YUMMY! I will say that tonight I made the pomegranate cheesecake that is on the raw chef blog. Of course I am a mom not a chef so I opted for raw chocolate sauce on top instead of the pom seeds LOL! However, no one would ever know it wasn't real cheesecake if you did not tell them! Figured that was worth sharing incase you had not tried it! :)

Rawkin' said...

I just got your email, Jessica, thank you!

Cheesecake is so yummy, isn't it?? Dayum! And with chocolate sauce, well, my kinda girl :)


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