Saturday, 7 March 2009

Weighin' in as the Big Winner: Raw Food

Well I did it! I ran our open mic on all-can-eat-fish-n-chips-night and didn't eat anything! Before ya go thinking I'm trying to hold off food and starve myself into some special weight, (not!) read on....

I was determined to be so full before we left the house, that we wouldn't be tempted while there.

Sho' nuff, it worked.

The raw dinner I made was so quick & easy that I started it at 4 pm, ate it by 4:30, got dolled up and was in the car by 5.

A carrot-pecan 'burger' patty left over from a couple nights ago, and some fresh Angel Hair 'Pasta' with Marinara Sauce and Date Nut Torte for dessert. Yeah, dessert too!

I know it's a repeat of Monday's meal, but it's so dang great, neither of us minded!

So we filled our boots and left, comfortably full, and when we saw the plates of *S.A.D. food getting served up, it was effortless to pass on it. Yayyayyyaaaaaaaaay!!!!

Mind you, it smelled great. But it felt so much greater to know we did the right thing for ourselves. In the first couple months of raw, I sometimes have to 'demonize' S.A.D. food to stay on track. But last night, I decided to look at the people eating it rather than the food, and it humanized it as a choice everyone has.

Here's the thing, and this is big: In the weeks when we were on the S.A.D Highway to Hell ---goin' with the demon theme, here, lol---- and ate the Fish n' Chips, we would either stop at Tim Hortons on the way home and eat another meal, or stopped at the Safeway for donuts or roast chicken. Seriously! And we started to feel like dough people! If this way of eating felt great to me, I would see no reason to discontinue it. I mean, it tastes great! But my own truth is that I can't seem to control my tendency to go 'all or nothing' with everything: food, beer, pot, you name it. You know, the ol' 'If one is good, 10 must be better!' line of thought. And I end up feeling seriously bad, physically and emotionally.

Eating a meal of S.A.D. makes us want to eat another meal of S.A.D. a mere 1-2 hours the evening, before bed! So we were spending over night with clumps of undigested, dead food in our guts, and waking up feeling like a$$. With raw, even though we ate earlier, we were sated for the entire evening and we awaken light and buoyant and ready for the day.

This is so revealing of the addiction and downward spiral of cooked foods. No wonder we couldn't get a grip with our health, no wonder folks struggle so much with it, because on S.A.D. it takes a Herculean effort, because you're fighting an up-hill battle. The nutrient density of raw wins hands down!

*S.A.D. = Standard American Diet

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