Sunday, 15 March 2009

Climbing The Raw Food Pyramid

Just looking at the Raw Food Pyramid makes me happy. I love everything on it, it's all so pure and simple. And I love how my life lifts off the ground when I eat this way.

I got my Raw Chef Certification at the beginning of March, and it lit a big ol' flame under me, and definitely refueled my raw passion.

All fired up from my training, I've spent the past few weeks pouring over un-cook books and combining ingredients that create some seriously delicious raw dinners. My boyfriend couldn't be happier!

I've learned so much and eaten a lot of high-quality food, yet still managed to shed some weight and feel completely satisfied, and have boundless energy. The weight thing, by the way, is a bonus, an adjunct to my main goal of achieving vibrant health. No, really!

This coming weekend, I will be training for my Level 2 'Living on Live' Food Instructor Certification course, and I am so excited!! This just feels so right to me right now! I feel I have a bright future in raw foods, one way or another.

Sitting here looking at this pyramid reminds me that keeping raw food simple is best. By day I do, since usually just a green smoothie does the job.

And since just looking at this pyramid brings me a sense of calm, I know it's what I want for myself. It feels right to think of eating this way. I mean, knowing how to create wonderful meals doesn't mean it's what my body needs every single night. Not every hunger pang is an emergency that calls for the big guns.

But it's so much fun learning and playing with food!

I remember talking about the feeling of entitlement I get around dinner time. Now it's more an excitement over trying out new recipes. While I don't see an end to that, I guess seeing the raw food pyramid reminds me of my ultimate desire for excellent health, which to my eye is born of balance and simplicity.

Ultimately, I think this will help me plan my week's dinners more carefully so that I keep greens in mind for every meal, and so that I vary between lighter recipes and more nut-heavy, dense recipes, to give my digestive system a bit of a rest. Maybe I can work up to a smoothie or juice for dinner like my brave rawker friends who are juice feasting at the mo'. And I think it's high time I dust off my Biosta Sprouter and get some seeds going!

It's all good learning, and whether simple or complex, light or dense . . .just showing up for myself again has been nothing short of GREAT!

P.S. Totally unrelated to raw foods ... I watched a quirky little movie this weekend by Miranda July, called (caution if you're at work, this link automatically plays music...and for some reason, this music freaks out my cat! I just did it again to be sure, and yep, she's all crazy-eyed and snakey, haha, try it, it's funny!) You, Me, and Everyone We Know. I just loved it!!


Rawkin' said...

Ah, Jessica, your comment went straight to my heart. Thank you.
Congrats on your 8 days of raw! Keep going, Baby, it only gets better!

Will said...

I love that pyramid. Makes so much more sense than the one we usually see.

You know the thing I notice the most when looking at your progress photos is that you look so much younger. It is not just the weight loss, many thin peiple look terrible. There is just something about some of the later photos that say "I'm healthy and feeling great!"

I work at a large, high end, retirement community. Most of the people I see everyday are between 75 and 105 and still living independently in their own cottages. Although the people there don't all eat healthy diets, they are all pretty thin. I noticed the first week I was thee that there did not seem to be any overweight people older than 80. Interesting.

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