Monday, 16 March 2009

The Angel, The Devil, and Still, No Jicama

I have 2 Produce Guys in my life.

The Angel and The Devil.

The Angel is a sweetheart; goes out of his way to get me 'the good stuff', is knowledgeable as all get-out about every vegetable known to man, gets the best organic produce in town, and chats me up about raw food, what movies are playing, and tells me jokes.

The Devil doesn't give a flying rat's. He puts stickers on bruises and wormholes and rotten bits so that when you get home, you peel it off and find a crappy surprise and have to cut away a chunk of what you paid for.

I wonder if he hears me when I mutter about his tomatoes being lame, or gets annoyed that I dig in the back of the romaine display (because we all know that's where the fresh stuff is.)

But... The Devil's closer (story of my life!) and sometimes that's just more convenient. Today was like that.

I asked The Devil if there were any jicamas. He just said, "No" and turned around and continued wrapping yellow organic 'caution' tape around the sweet potatoes. I said, "Um... do you ever get them in?" He turned around and shrugged and made that 'couldn't be bothered' face and said, "I sometimes order 'em."

And he turned around again, and this time I walked away, thinking what an under-achiever this guy is.

I'm gonna go visit The Angel and he'll take me to the Jicama Patch himself.

I'm practicing silently loving people. When someone cuts me off in traffic, if I catch myself in time, I say, "I love you". I once read a beautiful quote that I'll paraphrase here: Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die.

I love you, Devil. I forgot to think that today.

Sigh. So many lessons.

(I just want jicama!!)

UPDATE a few days later: I went to shop at The Angel's today, arriving just as he opened shop. As if to prove he's The Angel, he said, "Ah! I was wondering how my day was going to start, and then *you* walked in, and I'm so glad my day started with you!" Now, how kind is that? (And he's not hitting on me, btw!) I felt that go straight to my heart and said, "Wow! Thank you! What a kind thing to say!" I was so flustered, I forgot to ask him about jicama. But it didn't matter, 'cause I took away more than I came in for.


Zucchini Breath said...

Just to turn around a metaphor, because I like to do that, too

Loving people who don't care. It's like feeding someone else healthy food and thinking you will get healthy.

happy St Pat's

Jessica said...

Love it. It is totally true here. I made the raw brownies tonight for the first time and one of the avocados I had ... I almost drove to bring back. Frustrating as all get out. (The brownies were divine!I am still in shock and amazement.)
I *try* to live by the saying "Always be kinder than you have to be, because you never know what battle someone else may be facing." I fail... almost daily, but it is good to keep in mind and along the same lines.

Rawkin' said...

Hi Jessica! Welcome to Day 9!
;) Those brownies are enough to keep anyone raw, heh? Sorry about your nasty avocado, though. I like your thoughts about being kinder since we never know what other people are facing. I try, too. I think...I's about trying every day, if not succeeding every day.


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