Monday, 30 March 2009

Hoochie Mama Does Loads of Laundry...and other stuff

I had a fabulous dinner last night. Gettin' tired of me sayin' that? :) I'm not!!

As per my dinner 'schedule' for the week, I was 'supposed' to make carrot-pecan burgers and salad. But! Instead of doing groceries, coming home, then getting these into the dehydrator in time, I went to the laundromat first thing.

It was unusually quiet for a Sunday; I thought it would be full. So now I have two times that are nice to go. Tuesday nights, and Sunday mornings.

Why would I be so keen on doing laundry? Well, it's like this: Our laundromat recently acquired 2 coin-operated Titan massage chairs! hahaha!

For 4 bucks, you get a 15 minute massage. They face the window, so that passersby can stop and watch you gyrate like you're a monkey in a zoo. Not that I'm looking back half the time. Mostly, I'm blissed out, and my eyes only pop open when the chair hits a spot. These things beat ya up! They're brutal! They are clearly not there to make friends; they have a job to do.

We love it. My boyfriend and I quickly stuff our laundry in the washers then race to the chairs!

The first time we did it, I was laughing so hard, because I'd never been the display in a laundromat window before! haha

And the thing tightens on your wrists and shakes you like a hoochie mama and you have no control over your boobage. This had me laughing like a freakin' loon. I'm over it now. I just surrender to the hoochie and bliss out. We can't wait to do our laundry now!

We were telling the laundry guy what a great idea it was for him to put these in, and he pointed to another, just like these, in the back, only this one had plastic on it. It's for SALE. Hello. It might just need to come home with us. :)

So back to the dog ate my homework and why I didn't get pecans in then, in the afternoon, we were out riding the Harley. It was so gorgeous and sunny that we tooled all over hell's half acre before we went grocery shopping. La-la-la!

Too late to dehydrate anything, so for dinner, we had Gabriel Cousens' quick and delicious chili, and I whipped up some eggless egg salad, and we thawed out a couple Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas from our freezer, and dehydrated them a couple minutes to crisp them up. We had left-over hummus, so between that and the eggless and everything else, we had a veritable feast, annnnd a fantastic day!

This morning, I made the carrot-pecan burgers, some flax crackers (this is the 2nd of the two flax cracker recipes on the page) so we could have some sort of 'bun', and some kale chips as a side, and oh what the heck, some o' dem brownies! Yeehaaa!!

The flax cracker recipe (cracker if you keep 'em in the dehydrator longer, bread if you take it out when dry but still bendy) called for two tomatoes but I only had one, so I went looking in the fridge and saw some left-over chili from last night, and threw that in the food processor with the one tomato. It'll be great! Already seasoned. Mmmmm! Then I went to the gym and had a KILLER workout! Started with 40 minutes of cardio (20 elliptical, 20 running on the treadmill) and then lower body/upper body, then stretching. I love the gym! This woman was doing a great new (to me) ab move I hadn't ever seen, and she caught me staring so I gave her a big smile and said, "WOW! That's awesome, can you show me again?" And she was only too glad and we got chatting and she's really lovely. I'm usually all business when I go to the gym, as are most folks. So this was a nice change. The move, by the way, is this: you lay face down on a bench, extend your arms so you can hang on below the bench, and scootched down so you can bend at the groin. Then you extend your legs behind you so that they are parallel with your body, and then scissor then open, closed, then down again. Repeat however many you want to do in a set. It targets that baby pooch that I'm ready to kiss goodbye after 17 and 20 years. Damn kids. hahaha

I've been taking Twister Power in my smoothie, and it, along with raw, probably explains my fabulous energy, especially in the gym, and the fact that I'm typing 300 miles a minute. Twister is a blend of Hemp, Cacao, and Maca, and it works beautifully for me.

Taken from the product's web:

Navitas Naturals Protein Twister is an energizing and nourishing blend of three top-notch, nutrient-rich whole foods: hemp, cacao, and maca.

Hemp powder is an excellent source of protein and omegas, cacao provides feel-good antioxidants, and maca nourishes and supports the endocrine system.

The result of this combination is a simple but vitalizing protein blend. This chocolatey protein mix is the perfect way to pump up any smoothie with healthy organic power.

Couldn'ta said it better myself!

Have a great evening, Rawkers!


Gloria said...

Too funny about those massage chairs! But what a great idea of the owners to put them in.

Rawkin' said...

Hi Gloria,

Haha, yeah, he could make a fortune off us alone!! I always thought massage chairs were just a nice light vibration or something, but these things punch and pinch and roll and grind and beat ya right up. And these particular ones are great, if you don't mind doin' the shimmy in a window on a busy street! :)

Zucchini Breath said...

That sounds like QUITE a laundry mat. But I bet you he sells a few of them that way, no?

I never tire of hearing about fabulous dinners.

Cheers to you

Rawkin' said...

Hi Zucchini Breath Baby!

How are you? :)

Yeah, you're probably right, because as you recline in them and get 'the treatment', visions of doing that in front of a big ol' flat screen tv dances in your head! :)

Don't know what's fer dinner yet! Better get on it, it's after noon now! lol


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