Friday, 20 March 2009

Show n' Tell

Look what I done, George! I've been goin' at it since last night, when I made some flax bread.

I have been feeling like I'm eating way too many nuts lately, and I'm pretty lax about soaking them and that's a gastrointestinal NO-NO.

So, knowing that I had some dessert recipes to make to bring to my open mic, I set about soaking every last one of them.

When I got up this morning, I rinsed them all and put them in the dehydrator for a couple hours to get them crunchy again. That's the first time I have done this, and it made them very, very plump yet kind of airy. Very good. That's what I'm going to be doing from now on. Well, that, and cutting back.

All this gourmet stuff, feed me some greens, man!! (I am still having my green smoothie every day, well, except yesterday when I was overtaken by the need to have a giant Green & Black's chocolate bar while I was out, but I digest, er, digress.) I also have a green salad with my dinner. That's something my boyfriend and I agreed to do, no matter what else is for dinner. And we decided that we are smart to eat the salad first, instead of the meal we can't wait for, because, face it, who's gonna want salad after being full on the entree, right? This ensures we get our greens. (This is all backwards to a girl who has always eaten dessert first!)

Speaking of dessert, since I told our open mic buddies that I'd show them how great raw can be, I whipped up some sweeties today. That's about all I've done all day, slaved over a tepid dehydrator, and here I am typing this instead of putting on mascara. I'm singing on stage tonight, as I do every Friday, but this time, our mandolin player is video taping. Oh well, this won't take a minute. (Famous last words!)

Here's the Date Nut Torte, with thinly sliced strawberries on top. YUMMY. I've kept it in the freezer all afternoon, but just added the strawberries. Boy, that is pretty.

And here's a little plate of brownies and it wasn't until I was cropping the picture that I noticed my sweet little kitty, Ruby, peering up at me. What a little dolly she is. My wee buddy, always around me, trying to figure out what the heck I'm up to. (God, Ruby, if you figure it out, tell me, wouldja?)
Next, I've got flax bread leaning on some carrot bread. They're so uniquely tasty, I just love them both. I've bagged up a bunch of 'slices' for my pals tonight.
And even though this looks suspiciously like spaghetti and meat sauce, I assure you it isn't! Believe it or not, it's Apple Pie! What I did was spiralize some apple and soaked the 'laces' in lemon, then topped the pie. I think they're gonna laugh at this one...until they taste it.
Well that's it, and I've gotta run... I've got carrot pecan patties in the dehydrator left over from last night. Ok now I'm just showin' off. ;)

This weekend is my Level 2 Living on Live Raw Food Chef/Instructor course, both days. I'll update when I get a moment.

Happy weekend, Rawkers!


Jessica said...

Oh my!!! I just came on to grab the link to your forum and nearly fainted from internet delicioiusness!! Yummmm and a half! Too bad you aren't closer to home HAHA

Rawkin' said...

Aw,thanks! It sure was goooooood :) I only had little samplings of everything. It went over really well! All of it was a hit! No one could believe things were raw and had no flour or white sugar. PS I think it would lose something in the translation if I mailed ya some :)


Jessica said...

Yes, I think being raw, fresh, and fabulous all lend themselves to being nonshippable! Ha. Thank goodness for the glory of the internet and the written language so that I can recreate them here! HA! However... Green and Blacks... may be shipped! LOL!

Rawkin' said...

Hahaha yes I think that could be arranged!



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