Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Raw Pizza and the Night that Ended on a High Note

I went to the opera tonight! Verdi's 'Rigoletto'! Finally, I heard it while I wasn't chopping onions. And still, it brought tears to my eyes.

Those voices... that talent. My heart and soul were on stage all night, with every note, engaged. It was just so beautiful.

I went by myself, because my boyfriend would rather stick a fork in his eye that sit through that stuff.

But there we were, eatin' raw pizza that I made, and I said, "Tonight's the last night of Rigoletto."

(I swear I wasn't hinting. I was lounging in sweats, eatin' dinner; my biggest ambition was to watch American Idol in a couple hours.)

What? You want to know about the raw pizza? Of course, sorry. It was FABU! I made 4 little 'personal' pizzas, using pizza bread for the base -- I had made the pizza bread the day before -- then layering it with basic cashew cheese and marinara sauce, then topping it with yellow peppers, portebello mushroom, pineapple, and red onion, then dehydrating it for a couple hours at 115. Isn't it gawgeous?

Well it musta been good, because my boyfriend said, "Call the opera house, see what the deal is with tickets. *blink blink*

Long story short, there I was in the dress circle at 7:30, not wearing sweats! It was DIVINE.

I love raw pizza! I love opera! And I adore my boyfriend!


Zucchini Breath said...

That IS gawgeous! We haven't had raw pizza in a while. I will have to plan it for friday night.
So glad you had a good time at the opera. I haven't been out anywhere, literally, in months.

Anonymous said...

This was a real one ... not live / encore / Memorex ??? How cool is that, Ms. Luce. That Steve is such a great guy. Love to him. XOX Islander

Rawkin' said...

Thanks, Zucchini Breath!

My night at the opera was really a great experience. I have been a homebody for a long time and suddenly this year, I'm all over the map, and I'm really liking it! :)

And the pizza on Friday: yes yes yes!


Rawkin' said...

Hi Islander!

Yes M'am this was the real, live, genu-ine opera! My first, and definitely not my last! Steve is truly *one* in a million.


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