Thursday, 12 March 2009

Old Dogs, New Tricks, and Sunny Sunny Days

Well, it's true what they say about feeling even better after detox than ya did before... I feel boundless today, and a tad skinnier! (Not altogether sure what that's about, but I'm goin' with it!)

Adios to three days of low-energy detox, complete with vertigo. It was pretty mild, as detox goes, but it did make me stay put, and that, for me, is the hard part. Lesseee... what'd I do? I watched bad daytime TV and indulgent evening TV, and I added recipes to this blog, got up and made yummy dinners. All in all, a pretty gentle 3 days.

Today, though, I was out driving my old beater van, and back at the gym, and generally grateful for the sunshine.

To celebrate this glorious day -- actually, it's just for dinner, lol--I am going with the bright colors of the very cleansing beet & carrot salad, and my ol' favorite, Gabriel Cousens' Chili recipe. I'm serving it up with a slice of sprouted grain bread schmeared with hummus.

I'm gonna give you a peek at this amazing salad:
Does that not look like a PARTY?? Told ya I was celebrating!

Oh yeah, I'm celebrating something else, too...

I learned how to use the disc on my food processor today. You should know that before I went raw, I didn't know how to cook much of anything, never spent time in the kitchen, and didn't own a food processor.

Mind you, since going raw, I've had this thing a couple years, but I only ever used the 'S' blade, and I had a manual crank thing that did everything that the 'S' blade couldn't. Today, though, I suddenly had a wild hair and went looking for the disc and the post that fits in there. Found it! After a couple tries with a test carrot, I was off an' runnin' and was able to shred a couple beets and half a little bag of carrots in no time.

I'm tellin' ya, the fog is lifting :D

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