Sunday, 22 March 2009

Great Weekend!!

Oh my goodness, I had a delicious weekend!! Figuratively and literally. It was my Level 2 Living on Live Instructor course.

I learned so much, I am going to explode. And I ate so much, I am going to explode. It was all living and raw foods, but man, it was one delicious dish after another!! Yeehaaaa!!

Right after we were done on Sunday evening, I asked my boyfriend to take me for a spin on the Harley, just to feel the wind in my face and think about my lively weekend.

There's so much! The other participants were all people with lots to offer, so the class was intelligent and every question, pertinent.

The instructor, Miss Janice :) is a ray of light. She really rocks at teaching, and she's got this great, bubbly energy that makes you glad to know her.

l-r: Judy, Miss Janice

It'll take me a few days or more to absorb all my new tips, tricks, and factoids, but I tell ya, I feel so eager to take on some raw food business!

We had to do a demonstration in front of the class on the second day. We each selected a recipe to teach. I chose my favorite from Level 1, Date Nut Torte! I was a little nervous at first, but I did my thing and pulled it off! Everyone's presentations were great!!

I was in a kitchen full of winners this weekend; folks who are determined to make a go of it in raw foods. Every one of them has every chance of success, too. I was so glad to be in the company of this group!
Can ya tell I'm excited?? :)

l-r: Miss Janice, Judy, Amanda, Denyne, Robert, me, Colin

I'll write more about it, I'm sure. In the meantime, if you think this is something you'd enjoy, have a look at these classes being offered at Raw Foundation.

Goodnight, Rawkers!


Sweetie said...

Sounds wonderful! I have level one and I am pondering taking level 2! Thanks for the great info!


Rawkin' said...

Hi Sweetie :)

It really was wonderful, thanks! Level 2 goes deeper into raw foods and developing a raw food business. Being in a group of like-minded folks is so great, too! I found all that I learned very empowering on a personal level, and such an inspiration to stay on the raw path...and know who to call if I stray., friendship, support, empowerment, inspiration... well, that sums it up!


Anonymous said...

Happy for you, Ms. Luce. Sounds like it filled the belly and brain..

Are you thinking of teaching yourself now or percolating some raw business ?

Amanda said...

Oh my! This was one of the most RAWmazing weekends ever! Thanks for sharing... reminds me to make a blog post myself about the experience. There's just so much! Don't hesitate to contact me for your first class, as I would love to be your assistant ;)


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