Monday, 9 March 2009

Rawkin' Unplugged

Here I am with my dog Gracie

Today's a bit of a detox day... pretty mild, really, as they go.

In the past, (and I'm sure, in the future too) I've had rashes, headaches, colds, sore throats, etc, but today, it's just kinda like I've been unplugged, and I have had sinus-y vertigo most of the day, even shoulder checked the bureau when I got out of bed, hello. But the lightheadedness is fading now, getting better.

My energy may be low, but my appetite hasn't gone anywhere ;) so in the dehydrator are Stuffed Portebello Mushroom Caps and Avocado Fries. This is the closest raw food gets to junk food (ie. no greens/salad) fridge is low on pretty much everything until *pay day* so I'm using up what we've got.

Had a full and wonderful weekend of friends and connections and singing, and stayed raw through it all. Oh, wait, I ordered a club soda with lime at one point.

I went to an afternoon jam and hung out with new and old friends, but it wasn't until the evening that I surprised some friends at a gig and was invited on stage for a few songs. That was a lot of fun! Best part was hearing from these folks how well I looked! They last saw me New Years' and since then I've gone back to raw, so that was a lovely thing to hear.

But today...I've been laying about, taking it easy.

Not a bad thing to do on a surprise snow day. No one is more surprised than the crocuses (crocii?) that carpeted the local lawns.

But like this detox, this too shall pass.

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Zucchini Breath said...

I suppose it isn't raw, but I think club soda is ok. Esp when compared to beer, which is sooo hard to resist...

Even when water fasting it's ok to have fizzy water.


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