Monday, 23 March 2009

Green Star Here I Come...

This is not my dead juicer. This is the juicer of my dweams!!

My juicer died today! Yay! Finally! I've been wanting a Green Star but couldn't justify getting one until my 'Power' Juicer died. Well, r.i.p. an' all that, but it's all I can do to not burst into song!

Of course, it was a dramatic exit! I was in the midst of juicing carrots for Better Than Beef Burgers (Yes, BURGERS! I found out this weekend at my raw chef/instructor course that you can mold the recipe into burgers and dehydrate them! Yay! I only knew that recipe as a 'side' to put in a wrap. )


...There I was, 7 carrots in of juicing 4 cups of pulp and the motor suddenly made a wretched scraping noise that startled me out of my juicing reverie. It made me shut it off pretty quick, and just blink at it for a sec, and then I noticed the burning plastic smell. Ah, man...?

So I unplugged the poor dead thing and tossed it aside like an old sock, muttering as I saved what I could of the carrot pulp.

I stood there wondering what the heck dinner was gonna be instead, and I thought, Hm... I'll just stick the carrots in the food processor and get 'em good an' mushy. Of course, they came out soaking wet. And well, if I'm anything at all, it's resourceful. So I took the pulp out, one handful at a time, and squeezed the juice out myself! RATHER gross, but ya do what ya can, right? Then I stuck it in the dehydrator for 1/2 an hour and it did the job! It was about as dry as pulp. Good to go.

From there, I carried on with the recipe, and my thoughts brightened again as I remembered that now, I get to shop for a juicer!!

I'm so happy that I will end this post with an interpretive dance...

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