Friday, 24 August 2007

Gorilla Food (review)

You've heard me rave on about Gorilla Food, a little living foods take-away place in downtown Vancouver. Well... I'm pleased to note that others are finding out how great this place is... Here's a little write up in this month's Shared Vision magazine. (this is a local, alternative, health-oriented mag found free all over town.)

Vancourites, here's Gorilla Food's website, including their downloadable menu. They're open Mon-Fri, 11-6.

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photo: Bruce Skipper
Written by Shared Vision's Trish Kelly
If you’re downtown running errands and hankering for a good smoothie, don’t blink. If you do, you may miss the takeaway window called Gorilla Food at 422 Richards (at Hastings).

Located outside what was once an antique mall, Gorilla is a small establishment with a big agenda.

Owner Aaron Ash sees the window service as the first step in a plan to provide raw, organic, and locally sourced prepared meals, catering, and home delivery to the enlightened Vancouverite. It’s ambitious, but it’s obvious he means it.

My hefty 16-ounce Hempnotik Almond Shake was served in a biodegradable container made from sugar fibres.

More substantial offerings include a rotating menu of soup, wraps, lasagna, and pizza.


Ok, it's me again, Rawkin'... ;) I can't say enough about this place and the delicious foods they serve up. Aaron's been so friendly and encouraging, even if our entire acquaintance plays out through a little cut out window. I just love knowing this guy is in the raw foods community. Great vibe, and I really see his vision taking off, and ya know, I want to support that anyway I can. Telling you all about it is my little contribution.

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