Monday, 27 August 2007

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Well, August is just about wrapping up (already!) and I have done really, really well with going 100% raw.

Initially, I felt the panic around what I was going to do for dinner, since I found during my ‘raw ‘til dinner’ months, that I was always looking forward to that meal!

I just couldn't picture much beyond salads and cold soups, and as good as those are, I don’t believe that this would be a realistic way for me to eat long term. I'm one of those people who eats a lot and has a very hearty appetite for variety! Breakfast and lunch were one thing, but dinner?

This made me stretch my brain almost as much as back when I'd first heard about eating 'raw', when I couldn’t picture what on earth a raw pizza would be like, or raw lasagna… you mean, cold dough? Uncooked noodles? blech! Of course, I learned how wrong a girl could be.

Anyway, I had my doubts. While finding out about dehydrated foods really opened my mind up, I still didn't have a dehydrator. But, I went for it anyway, and deciding to go 100% threw me full-on into the next part of the learning curve… soaking, sprouting, preparing the dips and salsas and wraps that were 'to live for', as I've been hearing lately!

I had no idea such a world of flavor awaited me! My boyfriend and I have enjoyed the best meals ever! He is SO SOLD on eating raw. Way, way back in the beginning, back when I poked at raw food information with a long stick, so to speak, I thought that the foods would be an acquired taste, ultimately only good if you already had a clean palette...and you were starving, lol...BOY was I WRONG!!!

My dehydrator arrived today :) and this evening's 100% raw dinner is... spaghetti pie! Tomorrow morning when I awake, there will be some delicious onion bread waitin' for me!
I love this thing!
As long as I don't forget to eat a fresh salad with my evening meal, I think 100% is gonna work out fine! ;)


wildhearted said...

How did your spaghetti pie turn out? I'm looking forward to hearing more about your dehydrator!

Rawkin' said...

Ah! Thanks for asking, Wildhearted! It was DELISH! :)
We gobbled down half a 9x13 pyrex...forgot everything we know about chewing our food was too dang good :)

Rawkin' said...

I wanted to add...
that you can take out the dehydrator trays and fit a big oven type dish in there, hence the pyrex :)

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