Monday, 13 August 2007

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Green Smoothies

I've recently been turned on to Green Smoothies. Up until now, I've been juicing a daily recipe called Green Lemonade, from Natalia Rose's Raw Detox Diet. It's a blend of romaine, kale (or similar green), lemon, and apples. While I am certainly keeping this delicious juice in my arsenal (now that sounds funny to me) I have been feeling like switching it up some. Enter Green Smoothies.

This morning's version (pictured) included: two fistfuls of greens: romaine, mustard greens, and spinach...1 banana...1apple...small handful of frozen blueberries...small handful of fresh strawberries...add 2 oz aloe vera and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Usually, I would add maca but I have to run and get some more. I use frozen blueberries since it makes the smoothie cold.

1. Stick it in a blender
2. You're done!

I'm sipping this DELICIOUS concoction as I type this. Try some! It's uber nutritious and tastes like a thawed-out fruit-cicle.

Note: Teeny little tip that will save you a few swear words:
Rinse your blender, the lid, and your glass RIGHT AWAY!

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