Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Soakin' ma Nuts... lalala...

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Aw, man, I sure hope I'm doing this right. In anticipation of my forthcoming dehydrator (COME FORTH, already!!) I've been looking at recipes that I want to make. A lot of them need preparation by soaking nuts and seeds ahead of time.
I've been going to the dollar store a few blocks away and buying these great big glass jars. They come with plastic lids but I put mesh and a rubber band over the mouth instead.
Last night, I soaked buckwheat groats. I have no idea what these are but they appear in two upcoming recipes so I thought it would be best if I started them. I also soaked sunflower kernels and they are already stored in the fridge.
This morning, I started three more jars (pictured). In one jar, I've got organic chick peas, in another, some mixed salad sprouts seeds, and in the third, mung beans. I finally got to the mung beans!
There's lots of online info, like this little chart, and I've received some great advice from forum buddies, but I'm still kinda confused about some stuff.
Mostly about storage. Once the nuts or seeds are soaked and/or sprouted, I know they need drainage for a while. My question is, once everything is soaked, do these get stored in a jar of water or a dry jar? I assume dry, since each nut/seed has a certain soaking time limit. I will ask around and do more research but in the meantime, if you have an answer, I'd love to know! :)
Here goes nuttin'...




I've been struggling to get back into raw and I find you.... I'm in love, I swear! Not only do you inspire me to do right by myself you really strike a chord in me emotionally. I'm still in the middle of reading all of it but you made me laugh, again, so I had to tell ya. Thanks, man. Please keep rawkin.

Rawkin' said...

Zombiedawn you just rawked my world today with your beauteous comment. I love you too!!!! Now that we have established our mutual love, we'd best keep in touch!! xo


Yay! I'm looking for a dehydrator so I can try the recipe you posted for raw falafel and the tortilla.... It looks so moist and delicious. Ugh, I've been craving it for days! Thanks for all your awesome ideas!

Rawkin' said...

oh yay! That's great! If you can get an excalibur ( they rule! I got a 9 tray, and I've never been sorry for the extra shelves (the other unit is a 5 tray but it fills up fast.) The falafels are SO dang GOOD, now ya got ME cravin' 'em. Let me know how they turn out... :)

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