Tuesday, 7 August 2007


I've decided to go 100% raw for the month of August. Up until now, I've been 'raw until dinner' at which point, I eat a light, steamed dinner consisting of veggies and either fish or chicken. But this month, I am going all the way.

I started August 1st and on the 3rd, I went on a 3 night camping trip. I loaded up the cooler with produce and some raw, dehydrated flax 'un-bread' from Eternal Abundance, a local raw eatery/grocery store...and a slice of raw pizza from Gorilla Food, my favorite downtown raw take-away... their pizza is to-DIE-for! I can't get enough of this...

Just what in hell is raw pizza??? Well... for 'cheese' you use walnuts, which surprisingly, gives you just the oily cheese taste you crave... and the rest is dehydrated into a perfect crust and veggie concoction that is truly mouth-watering and extremely satisfying. (Wednesday is Pizza Day at Gorilla and I'm always in that line-up.)

Here's a recent, well-deserved glowing review of Gorilla Food and owner, Aaron Ash, one of my favorite, friendly raw food folks.

Anyway, back to camping... for breakfast, I ate fruit, including a watermelon that lasted me the three mornings, strawberries, nectarines, apricots, cherries, all topped with chia seeds (salba) and for lunch, I enjoyed avocado sandwiches using the flax 'un-bread', along with spinach salad, and for dinner, I made red cabbage wraps with almond butter, avocado, tomato, cucumber, and pea shoots.....dang this was delish!!! That is a sampling of what I ate....

Where we camped, there was no electricity, so my juicer and blender were missed but I lived, haha.

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