Friday, 24 August 2007

I did it! I did it! They sprouted! :)

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Wow, this morning, I feel like a kid at Christmas! A big weird one, but still!!
Wouldya lookit these little sproutees??

I found this GREAT site that helped me big time. I started this with no prior knowledge of soaking/sprouting, and a couple days later, I'm staring incredulously at these gorgeous little things that actually DID what they were supposed to do! (That said, my chick peas are still just sittin' there, but I'm a patient woman. *cough*)

These aren't just cute... they are super-nutritious and I've tried the mung beans already and they are incredibly fresh and delicious.
It's easier to do this than I thought. I don't know why, but in my head, I had made this out to be complicated and intimidating. In fact, it's easy-peasy. Laughably.

1. Get dried, organic beans and seeds from the health store. I read that a busy health store is your best bet, since their seeds perhaps have a higher turn-over and haven't been sitting around for years. (Though they do have an admirable shelf life.)

2. Go to the sproutpeople website and type in what type of bean/seed you bought, and there will likely be an information page on it, telling you exactly what to do!

3. Walla!

See their humble beginnings here :)


Tania said...

Awesome! Enjoy your sprouts!

Rawkin' said...

Hey! Thanks so much, Tania! :) I'm enjoying some in a wrap as we 'speak'! They're great! Thanks for reading the blog!

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