Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The Best Dinner I Ever Made!

I enjoyed Raw Chili for lunch today...2 bowls' worth of enjoyment :)

For dinner, I used the rest of the raw chili and, along with a raw fajita recipe and raw sour cream, I created the best wraps ever!!! (Re the sour cream recipe: OMG this is the BEST!! Trust me, you'll never want that store-bought crapola again!)

Now, I suppose this could be called a 'cheat' if I thought that way... I used sprouted grain tortillas where I could have used collard leaves or red cabbage...but dang, a girl needs variety...and sprouted grain is the best I can do until I get a dehydrator (at which time I'll be able to make dehydrated unbreads right here at home.)

Anyhow, for the best raw dinner using only a food processor and a blender, try these:

World's Best Sour Cream

Make those and add a little chili and stuff the whole business into a tortilla or some greens and you will thank me!
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