Friday, 8 June 2007

Well Yeeeehaaaaa!

I had a powerful awakening yesterday! My raw world opened up! I went to Eternal Abundance, (1025 Commercial Drive, @ Napier) an organic grocer with The Truffle Cafe at the back, featuring some wonderful raw dishes. I'd heard of it, but this was my first experience there. Not only was the produce excellent and far, far cheaper than where I've been shopping, but...

...I ate zucghetti!!

It was the most delicious thing I've ever eaten! It is raw 'spaghetti' made with spiralized zucchini and for sauce, some wonderful dehydrated sesame concoction. I know I'm not selling it here with this description, but trust me it was HEAVEN! It tasted just like spaghetti sauce would! Yes, it was served cold, but this did not detract from the dish at all. I was so excited that I phoned my partner to tell him how great it was, and I'd try to save him some if I could control myself...(I couldn't, we'll have to get more...heheh)

Like anyone researching raw foods, I'd read people exclaim this or that to be delicious, but honestly...I had thought it might be anywhere from a reasonable facsimile to an acquired taste, based on a 'clean' vegan palette, but this far exceeded my expectations of what a raw version of a cooked dish would be like. I got so excited because eating it and having this realization really, really made this raw lifestyle completely viable long term. It's really not all about salads! It opened up the possibilities of a whole other world of delicious foods. Now I *really* want a dehydrator!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Rawkin'! I think we have an interstellar connexion... just today I did some research on raw food in my city Brussels and I did indeed find ONE restaurant that does the thing - it is called 'TAN' and looks very classy. I so want to give it a try - next week for my birthday!

Oh, congrats with your spaghini dish, it sounds spectacular!

Smooch oxoxox

Anonymous said...

Hello Rawkin'! So I dunno, maybe your blog does inspire me, just a little.. hmm.. gotta think about it. But let me tell you in the meanwhile: I made zucchini the following way: asked PommeSon to was them, cut them in length and take out the middle. Then with a potato peeler he made very thin but long slices, a big plate full. I put some Hima salt on the linguini, and let it stand there for 10 mins or so. Then I pressed the veggie with my hands, and pushed the water out. Again some salt (not so much!) and press again. For a sauce I made a mix of tahini, lemon, sesame seeds, and a splash of soy sauce. With steamed salmon this was a delish for a Saturday! And pretty simple!


Rawkin' said...

My apologies for forgetting to respond to these comments until now! So much for my clearer-thinking on raw

Ooh an interstellar connection, I like that! Finding a raw food restaurant feels so great, doesn't it? There's a take-out place downtown called Gorilla Food (lol) that I want to still so happy it's even there! So your birthday will truly mark new beginnings for you. xoxo

Rawkin' said...

Pomma! That sounds FANTASTIC!! I never thought to shave things with a peeler... I was thinking like I had to hold out for a fancy rig. Your dish sounds so do-able and delicious. I must try this at home!

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