Friday, 1 June 2007

Goin' Raw, Baby!

I'm enjoying eating a mostly raw diet lately, about 80-90%...essentially, 'raw until dinner', to quote Natalia Rose. I've made a life-choice to quit drinking, and to clean up my diet. I'm just embarking on my 3rd week of health-consciousness.

I already notice some beautiful changes.

  • My skin has cleared up and my complexion is healthy-looking.
  • I'm already feeling the evidence of weight loss, which is welcomed after putting on a bunch of weight this winter. I'm loading up on organic fruit and vegetables and making them the mainstay of my eating. In the evening, I eat a steamed dinner. I feel so well eating this way.
A "typical" day might look like this:

  • I start the day drinking a glass of water with lemon, which gets the stomach ready for its upcoming digestive duties

  • I admit, while not raw, I do enjoy my morning cuppa coffee!

  • then I do oil pulling, a very odd-sounding but effective therapy.

  • Next, I make a green juice, called Green Lemonade. This delicious recipe can be found in Natalia Rose's book, The Raw Food Detox Diet.

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    All the goodies for a healthy green juice.
Green Lemonade Recipe:
  • 1 head romaine lettuce
  • handful of dark leafies (5-6 leaves) either spinach, kale, collards, celery, dandelion greens, etc)
  • 1 whole lemon - peel, seeds, and all
  • 2 fuji apples, pips

    Juice and drink up right away. This drink is addictive. I start every morning with it and it feels so good.

This usually sustains me until early afternoon, because I also drink water, even though the water content in the Green Lemonade is high. There are various views on what kind of water is best and my choice is distilled.

Some days I choose a fruit smoothie with flaxseeds, and some days I eat the fruit whole. The odd day, I pass on fruit and jump into vegetables, making raw soups in my blender, creating gorgeous salads, and sometimes, collard wraps stuffed with homemade hummus, or almond butter, then loaded with veggies. YUM!

(What on earth is a raw soup? Do you mean to tell me you're eating this stuff cold?? YEP!! There are tons of savoury and delicious raw soups, made in your blender! Some taste cool and refreshing and some 'taste hot', depending on spices. DELISH!)

Dinner is usually steamed fish and veggies, and a salad. Often I enjoy sprouted grain bread with it. Overall, this way of eating, at least the way I'm doing it, includes lots of fresh organic produce, some seeds, nuts, and sprouted grain, legumes, seaweed like dulce and nori, water, and once I get a dehydrator, I'll be making all kinds of things!

I may look radical in writing, but a lot of things led me to this lifestyle and it's all been a really logical path. I'm 43, have 2 sons, 15 & 18, and I'm an artist after years of being a singer and songwriter. I have songs in three films, and a cd. I live with my partner of 14 years, and we have a gorgeous English Mastiff pup, 20 months old, named Gracie and a young cat named Ruby.

Life is good


Anonymous said...

I have done the *oil pulling* a few times now, it is pretty amazing indeed. And Rawkin', I have a question: what about raw at dinner? Do you feel the need for some cooked stuff, or is it recommended? I heard of some food folk who said it was better to eat cooked vegetables at night.

All good to you!


Rawkin' said...

I'm so glad you have been oil pulling! It's freakishly simple for something that garners such amazing results! From the 2nd morning, I started to notice healing in my gums, whiter teeth, and now, 3 weeks into it, I've noticed better sleep and super soft skin. My partner is such a fan of it and has had age-old joint pain vanish! He does hard, physical work every day and was always sore, but not anymore. I too, feel like my joints are well-lubed! He also finds it regulates his appetite and has lost the extra 'blurb' around his tummy. His word, haha. Anyhow, we swear by it, and the results are cumulative so we are keeping with it :) What I also love about it is that no giant mega company profits from me having a spoonful of sesame oil in my mouth every morning...yet it's a powerful therapy.

With regards to 'raw at dinner'...funny you should mention this, as just yesterday, I enjoyed my first full day of only raw. I plan to do this one day per week for now. While my goal is 100% vibrant health rather than 100% raw, I do realize that the more raw foods you have in your diet, the better. That said, it can take months or years to go 100% raw, but starting small today, by adding even blueberries on cereal, and apple as snack, and a salad with dinner, is a step towards better health if it isn't something one currently does. Dr. Timothy Brantley, author of The Cure, advises to start tweaking just one meal for a month or so, then moving on to the next meal, so as to develop healthy habits over time.

Jumping into raw foods all at once is not advised, since it can do harm, from pretty uncomfortable constipation to very serious auto-intoxication, where your waste ends up in your bloodstream. Part of you may think, But it's good food, not junk...but your body needs time to assimilate, to figure it out, and to change over. So, the reason I currently steam my dinner is for transitioning purposes. This is from The Raw Food Detox Diet:

"Try as much as possible to incorporate the “LIGHT TO HEAVY” concept in your daily routine. This means that you eat your lightest food first (green juice, fruits, raw veggies, etc.), culminating in heavier fare like cooked foods, flesh, grains later in the day. You should also apply this concept to individual meals: ex. Salad first followed by cooked food or denser raw food."

I hope this is helpful to you :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Rawkin'!
Thank you so much. I figured that a too brutal change would not be so good, but your info is even more precise! I had a very healthy weekend with my gazpacho, green lemonade, pulling the oil (chewing the fat!), essenen bread (like ezekiel?), salads,... and this morning I got complimented at work for my great complexion, already!
Take cario!


Keep on rawkin!

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