Friday, 8 June 2007

Before Pic and 1 Month Raw Pic

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My "before" pic is SO MISERABLE, it would be embarrassing if I wasn't changing so fast!

In my "before" world, I was drinking too much beer, and I was thoroughly depressed, and as you can see by my eyes, I was joyless. My skin was coarse, saggy, and inflamed, age-spotted and blemished.

My "1 Month Raw" pic is SO HOPEFUL, and speaks loudly of how a lifestyle change changes everything! My skin is clear and firm and my age-spot, which is associated with an over-burdened liver, has faded to nothing, as have any blemishes. My inner "1 Month Raw" world is filled with joy, discovery, hope, and bright eyes.

Tune in for photo updates. Don't you think these speak for themselves?

All the money in the world couldn't get me to take a backward step now. I feel so great about my life decision! The camera doesn't lie, it tells the radical truth.


Anonymous said...

You look great, Rawkin' Lady! I did notice a sharper view on people's body structure, complexion, overall impression of energy... cause even if I'm not 100% raw, I did notice a similar change and got complimented this week about having lost weight and looking radiant!

Love from Pommalishish

Rawkin' said...

Thanks, Pommalishish :) Pretty awful Before pic, but it will only be that much sweeter stacked up to a few months' After photos, I figure.

What you're referring to on people's body structure, I look at that as complete lack of inflammation on their faces. Just lean, healthy-looking faces and bodies.

I love that the compliments are coming in already! Good for you!!


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