Sunday, 17 June 2007

My Thoughts One Month In...

It seems I've developed a *sensitive gut, which is really ironic, considering the 'traffic' in there before. Now that I'm eating a "high-raw" diet, (adding steamed food at dinner only), if I stray at all from my current 'routine', my body lets me know I've put a wrench in the spokes. I've had a couple occurrences of this in this past week, and I consider them lessons learned.

I enjoyed an afternoon coffee with my neighbour, and while it was wonderful at the time, it left me with a case of...wait for it...wait for it....diarrhea... and even though this was at 2 pm, a sleepless night to boot. So I think adding a second cup in the day is not a good idea for me. Gee, ya think?

And I have a question: when you dehydrate your food, are most of the recipes nut-based? It seems that way when I look through raw 'un'-cook books. The reason I'm asking is that after eating a dehydrated 'bun', I got a decent case of indigestion. I've never had sensitivities to nuts and seeds before, but I never really ate much of them, either. It made me question whether or not to get a dehydrator, like I've been thinking I really want. I recently read that it's best to just keep it simple...'peel-a-banana-eat-a-salad-add-some-flax' simple. So I need more information there before throwing a wad of cash in that direction.

Yesterday, I found a spiral slicer, a mini version of the saladaco. I was eager to create a 'zughetti', as this has become my favorite meal, *but I need more practice time with this little thing...adjust the blades or something... because it almost juiced my zucchini and the 'noodles' were so angel-hair that they were a soggy and tangled ball of mush. Um... yum? NOT.

Overall and other than that.....

...I've felt very well. I feel emotionally calm and balanced. Eating this way gives me such a steady energy that keeps me going right up until bedtime, which is now anywhere between 9:30 and midnight. I get up anywhere between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m.

I used to go to bed reluctantly around 2 or 3 a.m. and have patchy sleep and feel lousy until noon.

And when I look back at my life before, my cravings were constant and uncontrollable. I was craving everything...sweets, junk foods, beer, pot, packaged "convenience" foods, smoked meats, steaks, chips, name it...always wanting more of everything...and having it never be enough. Feeling so bloated, asthmatic, suffering joint pain, headaches, high blood pressure, having skin breakouts, being moody and depressed, hopeless, and miserable to be around. (I'm starting to sound like that old joke about the dog named Lucky...)

I really wonder, when I read that, what on earth was so hard to let go of? All I thought about was how crappy I felt, and all I wanted was to feel good. I spent months trying to visualize and remember how I was before: health-conscious and aware, and taking good care of myself, staying away from chemicals in my life, from laundry soap to not wearing nail polish, to eating only organic produce, eating mostly raw.

But for some reason I was hangin' on the gate for 5 months there. I'm so glad I finally took the first I'm off and running. Having a sensitive gut is a small price to pay to feel so much better in every area. It might even be a temporary thing of transition. That would be nice!

Meantime, onward!

*UPDATE: The sensitive gut was transitional; just part of being new at eating high-raw*

*UPDATE: The spiral slicer works fine. It was me. UPDATED AGAIN: No, it was the spiral slicer! Check out the one I shoulda had all along...

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