Friday, 31 July 2009

What Kind of F*ckery is This?

Ok what?? So now there are reports flying that organic is not better.

How is it not better NOT to eat pesticides?

What a dim-witted and dangerous report.


Aurora said...

Where is this report?! It sounds like government propaganda to me... smells like Monsanto or something!

(If you haven't seen Food, Inc., be sure to!)

Throw me a link so I can be properly outraged!

Aurora said...

Forgive me, I don't have TV. In fact I just commented to Nice Dad this morning that I haven't seen or hear the news for probably six months or so! (I lost interest after the election..)

Anonymous said...

Organic proponents generally do not claim that organic food holds superior nutritive value. Often it doesn't even taste any different that non-organic food. This study simply highlights that one comparative aspect (same nutritional value). What is dangerous about this kind of press, however, is that the public hears it as "organic food is not any better"...obviously anyone with a brain in their head can figure out that pesticides are not good for the body or the planet. Now, if they would do a comprehensive study on the long term effects of those two things, well, the results might be quite different!

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