Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Bub-Eye Coffee

Well now... quit coffee again yesterday, and got a full-on headache. I had quit for 8 months, then with the start of this new cd project, this bad habit crept back in. But I've really felt quite awful in comparison to when I didn't drink it, so it was time to bid it adieu once again.

The ways in which it makes me feel awful: drum roll into boobs get lumpy and sore, for one.

Another is how dopey I feel upon waking...until I get some coffee in, if that's not a drug, I don't know what is.

Also, my fatigue later in the day was a direct result of how much coffee I had in the morning...if 2 cups made me 'wake up' in the morning, I was twice as tired in the afternoon. Who needs an energy zapper like that??

I would aim for one cup in the morning, but usually, another cup would creep in before dinner...again, with this wacky recording schedule, it was a welcome jolt...but it crept in more and more until I felt like a$$, basically more or less all the time.

My dependence on it, combined with this crappy, energy-zapped feeling made the decision to quit again a no-brainer.

So thar ya go. A step in the right direction!!


Shanghai Monkey said...

Have you seen this post on CSL:

There's a recipe for a raw iced "coffee". I haven't tried it yet, but it looks good. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the challenges you're facing on your journey. How wonderful that you're back into full swing with the band! Eating raw took a lot of attention, and now this band project is taking a lot of your attention. You don't have time to do it all. So maybe you can just commit to one or two things, such as being sure that you get a green smoothie everyday. That taken care of, you can focus on the band without guilt. Enjoy!


Robin said...

I was the same way with Coke {the drink silly}. But when we went raw{er} in Aug. I gave it up and don't even want it now Yay! I do have something that helps with the energy/fog thing tho'... and it's whole live food in a veg friendly capsule. Hit me up if you want a few samples when you get back home. Here's some info you {or anyone} can check out about it. It's really great.
I love helping ppl out - this stuff has really helped us!
Take care!
cokelush at gmail {need to change that addy!}

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