Tuesday, 7 July 2009

here we go...

There's a restaurant in town that we go to when we're eating S.A.D. and a restaurant we go when we're eating raw.

About a month ago, our waitress at the S.A.D. place said, "Geez, haven't seen you guys in so long!" And I explained to her that whenever she doesn't see us, it means we're eating healthy, and whenever she does, it means we're off the wagon..." (Sad but true...)

Fast forward to yesterday, and we were in our Raw Cafe/Organic Grocery and the owner says, "Geez, haven't seen you guys in so long!" And before I could say anything, he continued..."Working hard? Busy? Eating junk?"

hahaha nailed it.


Ordered a beet burger and salad, and man, my body just inhaled that salad. It's like it was goin', "GREENS!! Shove 'em in here, who knows when that's gonna happen again!!"

We loaded up on tons of produce: red grapes, oranges, apples, apricots, plums, mangos, cucumber, red pepper, kale, etc....

For dinner, I ate a couple sprouted grain tortillas with hummus, and loaded up a bowl of apricots and plums, and later, munched on grapes.


This morning, I'm having a green smoothie and my body is saying, "AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..."

Emotionally, I already feel better, just for having made these choices. I don't know why it is that I can't just off-handedly make these choices and carry on, but it seems I have to surround myself with lists and fresh starts and re-starts and announcements and drastic measures and books for inspiration, etc but if that's who I am and how it has to happen, I guess I just have to go with it for now. Reading my own blog reminds me that it gets easier. Though I honestly feel as if I'm reading about a different person in a different life...that's how far removed raw is from S.A.D.



Zucchini Breath said...

Awesome! I'm glad you are back and eating right and posting again.

I always wonder what you mean by SAD. I know what it means, I mean, I wonder what YOU mean? Are you vegan, eat cheese? omnivore? Not that it's any of my bidness... but I just wonder :)

Rawkin' said...

Thanks, Zucchini :)

When I talk about SAD, I mean the whole gamut of foods from junk to meat. The only thing I don't eat regardless of when I'm SAD or raw, is dairy like cheese and milk. Otherwise, and this is the problem, it all falls apart into the big awfuckit and I eat everything and whatever...take-out... I haven't yet managed to eat wholesome when I eat SAD it's like I lose my control and just go nuts. Like I would with beer if I drank again. If I could just be civilized but noooooo :)

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