Monday, 27 July 2009

Fallible, Musical, Me

I'm so not on my game but I'm so on my other game!! I've been recording our second CD, which is nearing completion. I've re-built our music website, I'm gigging all over the place, I'm booking a 7 week tour, I'm designing the cd cover & booklet... and... you guessed it, I'm eating like crapola! I've even taken up coffee again.

I've been thinking about raw...does that count? I've had so many false starts, but damn it, I keep coming back. This blog reads a fallible human wrote it.

I believe in raw, in nutrional healing, in the energy and health it provides. So why do I spend time in Sabotageville?

Someone recently asked me what it's like to be a raw musician, and I had to anwer honestly that I've yet to combine the two. It's been one or the other so far. While I dream of being slim and healthy and energetic on stage, I have only, so far, performed with a good layer on me. Is it protection? You know, how women sometimes... I tend to think so.

Who would I be if I rawked AND rolled?


Anyway, here's what I'm spending my time And here's what I exactly look like today. I'm not my "After" photo anymore...or yet again...or something. But I want to share my love of singing with you, as I am today.


Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful to me.

And that voice...makes me want to drink beer and sit weeping after the lights get turned off.

And I don't even like beer.

XOX Islander

Rawkin' said...

((((((((((((((((Islander)))))))))))))))))) And you, my dear, are beautiful to me.
Gimme the beer, I'll join you and we'll have a good weep.

big love to you,

Aurora said...

I'm just glad when you post!

You are very very talented. When your raw self and your singer self meet, it will be an incredible day indeed.

What happened to your message board?


Rawkin' said...

Hi Aurora,
Thank you! An incredible day indeed! My message board was getting a lot of spammers so I 'privatized' it. I will send you the info.


D said...

Tears sprang SPRANG! hearing you and SEEING you. God you are wonderful.

Love you

Rawkin' said...

D!! What a doll!! Thank you!!

You, me, and Islander can weep together. You in, Aurora? :)


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