Thursday, 9 July 2009

Thoughts from 4 days in...

This is Day 4 of eating raw. I had to count back to Monday, because it's not that I'm actually counting. I'm just doing it. Cause really, once I'm eating raw, I have decided I don't want to think about it, I just want to do it. Trade one way of eating for another, rather than get all up in my own face about it.

That's an aspect of my resistance that I've discovered...that it's so all-consuming. In the past, being raw has enveloped and defined me, and how I carry out my days, often leaving time for little else.

So maybe this is me seeking ~balance~ in raw. Because the benefits of raw are off the charts, it's definitely worth pursuing as a way to optimal health. Lately, though, I've been questioning why it has to be on my mind so much when I choose to eat this way.

So this go-round, I'm going to keep blogging to document how it's going, and I'm going to continue to shine the light in the other areas of my life that mean a lot to me, as, painting, etc.

I'm sure most folks already do that. Me, I'm so all-or-nothin' that I seem to drop one thing to wrap myself in the other for a time, giving each my all.

I'm going focus on being more moderate. I know it's a tall order for a Libran but I really want what's best for me. :) That's the bottom line, right?


Anonymous said...

You didn't add that you do ABSOLUTELY excel at whatever medium has your focus at the time...maybe you have to not excel at raw... :)

Just came back from grocery shopping with a flat of raspberries and made me up a smoothie that was possibly The Best Smoothie Yet !

Sending you love Ms. Girlfriend

Rawkin' said...

Hi Anonymous Islander, :)
Thank you for the lovely compliment. We just don't see ourselves, do we? I love what you say about maybe I don't have to excel at raw...never thought of that!! Seriously!!! :-O

Mmmmmm raspberries in a smoothie, mmmmmmmmm. Nice when they work out deliciously, heh?

Thanks again (((((((You)))))))


JRo said...

Not all or nothing... you mean there might be another way? I only understand all or nothing!

I love the whole raw thing, I am rather new to it. Starting out with Natalia Rose's diet for now. My only issue... is emotional eating, and my period. Whoa boy. I will figure it out, and you can figure out a non all consuming raw lifestyle for the both of us! ha!

Aurora said...

I understand what you are saying.... all day long I obsess about food, what I will uncook, what I will make the next day, and the next... soak this, sprout that... I think there is a rhythm that need to develop with this lifestyle, and when you fall out, it takes time to get back on... I myself am currently experiencing this pattern.

Let's inspire each other! I'm trying to blog consistently too.... check me out here:


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Islander... Ha !

Sorry, in too big a hurry to go get more smoothie.

XOX Islander

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