Saturday, 11 July 2009

Doing Well...

It's going great! :)

For the most part, I'm drinking smoothies a couple times a day, and using coconut water as the base instead of water, and is it ever good! I throw some of the meat in there, too. I read that you shouldn't drink the water or eat the meat from, a coconut that is even slightly pink...well, good thing they are cheap ($1.49 each at the Chinese market) because out of 4, only 2 were ok today. So I've been feasting on those, and smoothie-ing the water, and drinking what doesn't go in the Vita-mix. I used to not enjoy these at all, but have developed a taste...actually, a craving, for them, and now I'm having a couple per day.

I'm also eating salads, and lots of great fruit...berries, passion fruit, mangoes, etc.

Had a SAD but tasty meal on Friday, and didn't fuss over that, just took it in stride, like a hiccup, and went right back on raw today. I really meant it when I said I don't want to have raw all up in my face. Besides not wanting to always be thinking about raw, I just don't want to give myself a hard time about it anymore. It's like suddenly, I am aware of a neurosis and I'm not happy with it, so I'm fixing it. :)

Steve & I rode the Harley to Gorilla Foods downtown, a fabulous raw & living food restaurant, where I enjoyed a slice of raw pizza and a juice called Simple Green, which gave us a chuckle, as we have some of that under our's a non-toxic cleaning product...but not this time. :) I hesitated about getting the juice because I usually place some time between eating and drinking a smoothie, but I consumed both, with no ill-effect.

For dinner, I've just polished off a plate of angel hair 'pasta' (spiralized zucchini) with marinara sauce...piece o' cake to make, and so tasty. I added extra cayenne and went half dulse/half salt. YUMMO!

I feel a lot better about myself knowing that I'm going in the right direction again: towards health.

As you were! ;)


Zucchini Breath said...

It sounds like it's going great.

you are always an inspiration! Keep it up :)

Rawkin' said...

Thanks so much, Zucchini :) I feel really great about it.
I read about your tabouleh salad and have been gathering the ingredients...mmmmm :)you inspire me in many ways as well xo


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