Friday, 3 July 2009

Emily Shaules in Vancouver

Well the talk with Emily Shaules was inspiring. I really enjoyed it.

She spoke of her life prior to going raw, how riddled with pain and illness she was, and how she was ready to give up. After discovering raw, she began to feel better after only a week, and continues her raw journey now, following her dreams to be a motivational raw speaker, currently on tour.

It was good to catch her live; good to hear this relatable story. How we all have ups and downs on the raw path, and how we serve ourselves better once we choose to witness ourselves rather than judge. That spoke loudly to me. How, instead of guilt-tripping, just seeing things as "it is." I happen to come to that a lot in my life, the thought, 'it just IS...' It's not always a comfortable thing, sometimes it's a resignation that I sigh through. But this way, 'is is' or even 'it just is' is more of a shrug, an acceptance. I ate that cooked food. It just is. One day, as she said, when I'm ready, I'll reach for that __________ (raw food). She made it all okay and what I especially liked was that she's so darned human about it. I sure do appreciate that in someone.


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