Monday, 6 July 2009

Tough Love, Tough Shit.

I'm not waiting for motivation, not for another minute. It's not coming. So I've decided to leave without it. If it wants to follow, fine. But it's obvious that it's not intending to lead. So off I go on my own. F*it. Clearly, I need to lift myself out of this S.A.D. fog by myself, even if I have to drag my own arse kickin' and screaming, peeling my fingers off doorjambs while I pull my own legs by the feet down this path.

I'm DOING this. I'll thank myself later, after I'm done whining. I've heard (and dimly recall) that it takes only about a week to feel better. As Emily Shaules said, "I can do anything for a week. Hell, I'd drink gasoline for a week if I thought it would have made me feel better."

So this is the week, damn it. Despite myself and my inner nincompoop who tries her addict-best to mess things up, I am eating RAW. Hold me to it.



Zucchini Breath said...

You have arrived! I'll hold you but I won't hold you to anything :)

I gained 5 lbs drinking beer all weekend so i'm not much better. I'm here with you, kicking and screaming.

I'm making raw vegan crepes today and I learned from you not to try to wrap them in advance. See! You are an inspiration!

Aurora said...

Progress, not perfection! Though I think you are perfect just the way you are : )

And you are right: here on Day 7 I can personally tell you that my cravings are pretty much gone, my energy is up, and I feel better in my skin than I did last week!

I've had a couple of little slips here and there (chips one day, a little bread another) but I notice even those were not all-consuming binge experiences.

I recommend lots of green juice at the beginning. But I'm sure you know what is best.... sending you juicy green dreams....


Rawkin' said...

Thanks so much, Aurora xoxo
For the love, for the reminder, and for the acceptance.
((((((((big hug)))))))


Anonymous said...

hi sweets, you bet i will hold you to it .... how huge will my disappointment be if you let me down! I so know that you can do this, and so do you ... you have done it before, and with such beauty and elegance. Doesn't matter if you do it beautifully or the ugly, all that matters is that you do it. xxxxx


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