Wednesday, 16 December 2009

This, That, and The Other Thing...

Well hello!  Had a sweetly funny start to my day...

It's early, like 7 a.m. or so, and I'm awakened to my boyfriend's off-color ringtone that he's so proud of.  But more than that, there's a white light.  Am I dead?

Mercifully, no, it's just my boyfriend using my opened iphone as a light to find HIS phone that he just called from MY phone, and it is ringing somewhere in the nethers of the bedding, somewhere under me. 

I start laughing and say, "What the hell...?"  And he laughs back and says, "Sorry, Baby..."  Then he finds his phone and kisses me good bye and I drift off to sleep.

A while later, MY phone rings, and it's my dear friend, sounding most concerned, asking me if I'm fine, and if I called at 7:04, or words to that effect.  I blink and scratch and say, "No...we spoke yesterday....but...I didn't call you today... oh wait." 

I remember my boyfriends iphone fumblings and the fact that he is a bit of an iphobe and says stuff like "WTF" and "What did I just do here?" whenever he touches it.  So we have a tiny, sleepy, chat, and when we hang up, I speed dial my boyfriend (because I can) and I say, "Hey, did you call..." and before I can get the words out, he says, "Oh shit, did that go through??  I knew I'd done something I didn't mean to, and panicked and hung up.  Twice!"

(Teehee, Islander!!)

So I drift off back to sleepyland, and brrrriiiiinnnnnng!  Off it goes again and it's my very cheerful friend saying, "Hi Hon, I'm on my way!" 

And within moments, I was up and making the green lemonade I promised her the night before.  (She loved it!)

I got my act together and we took my dog for a walk (raining again, which is great because then my hair dries in these cool ringlets I really like.)  We went to Libby's, the little coffeehouse where I have my art show, and she had a coffee and I had...nothing.  Yay Me!  I am not one to feel deprived when I'm on a mission, and I didn't even notice anything was missing, as we chatted about this and that.

When I got home, I made the raw mac & cheese that I'd been soaking my mac nuts overnight for.  Is that a bad sentence?  Well let's keep going.  My friend emailed me a video of Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes making a mac & cheese dinner with their spirooli (spiralizer), and I thought it sounded great, so I drove myself to Whole Foods and bought the nuts and red peppers (nights in white satin...rhythmically speaking.  Ok I'm back...) and a bunch of other things I didn't set out to get....goodbye $73!  Someone I know calls it Whole Paycheck Foods...maybe that's a common saying, and I could see why...  :)  But good produce, though. 

Anyway, making the cheese, I couldn't stop licking the spoon!  It tasted a lot like kraft dinner cheese, which is the Devil, but here it was good for me, go figure.  I mean, it's nut-heavy but as a treat, wth, right?  I usually reserve spoon-licking to sweet stuff, but this stuff had me at hello.  And only 4 ingredients, yay. 

I spiralized some zucchinis, and mixed it with the 'cheese' and put it all in a baking dish and popped it in the dehydrator.  There ya go...a delicious, very low-prep meal in no time. (Not counting the soaking time...)

My boyfriend came home around lunchtime and we ate most of tonight's dinner at lunch!  (It was so good, we didn't mind revisiting it for dinner!)

He came home early today because we had a photo shoot!  We are one of 4 bands playing a Christmas fundraiser at a local club tomorrow evening, and the newspaper is doing a little write-up with a photo. (The Province's Annual Empty Stocking Fund for any locals reading.)  If I see it online, I'll post it on the blog. UPDATE

So off we went, both slickered up in our western wear.  That makes us sound like the geeks we are!  It's probably not helping that I had ringlets and was damn proud.  We met the other bands in front of the venue, and got to know everybody a little bit and then the photographer came and took his photos.  We did a group shot, with him on a chair above us, and I was on the my mind I'm thinking "OH great.  The fish eye thing - like the type of face I already have needs THAT!" lol... but we'll see!  In any case, it's exposure, with myspace links, etc.  Have you seen our myspace page?  Here ya go.  You can listen to our music.

After the shoot, a couple of us went for coffee and I had water, and happily.  :)  I'm digging my strong-willed self, actually.  No white knuckling, just firm resolve that I'm doing something. And ya know, I'm only thinking of it because I'm writing about it here. Through the day, it doesn't enter my mind; coffee is just a shut door and therefore a non-issue.  Same goes with cooked meals and baked treats.  In fact, our friend, who was insisting on buying, and pointing to the muffins and cakes, was saying, "Really, anything you want..." and I finally said, "Well I'm doing something.  I've gone back to raw."  And he totally got it, and that was that.  (I love that guy.  Usually, I hear the sound of the needle skipping of the record in my head, but he really got it.) 

So onward to dinner, and I came home and popped the lunch left-overs in the dehydrator and decided to make myself a V8, since I had a good 1/2 hour before we'd be eating. 

It was really good!  Used up some of that $73 shopping trip! 

Rawkin's V8

curly kale - 3-4 leaves
celery - 4-5 small, rubbery ones that would otherwise get ditched (lol)
red chard - 4 leaves
tomatoes - 4 small
carrots - 3 small
beet - 1 small
red pepper - pretty large, actually
green cabbage - about 1 cup

Yummo!  I had been looking for a good beet/apple/carrot combo and in my web search, stumbled upon this site that made me think more than twice about drinking this.  But I took it slowly and now it is hours later and I believe I managed to juice responsibly, as advised.  (Lots of info on this site, and I like the cautious, sane approach to juicing that I find missing from most juicing sites.)

It DOES look a tad...cleansing...doesn't it?  :)


UPDATE :  The morning after the V8

Well, I was great last night, and this morning, I was up with the birds, had a glass of lemon water, ate 2 bananas, and went back to bed, watched part of an old, amusing John Barrymore film on the oldies network, and nodded back off before the no doubt happy ending.  Then, guess what...I was in and out of sleep, mostly in...until 11 a.m. and not at all really feeling like getting up, except I had to 'pee' the dog.  I felt unplugged, and chalked it up to a mild detox effect from the juice...?  Otherwise, absolutely fine, just draggin' my feet.  I wasn't hungry until after 12 noon, when I made my lemonade... my energy is returning but I wouldn't do cartwheels.  But then, I couldn't before...  ;)

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