Sunday, 20 December 2009

Rawkin' Rainy Sunday

Ah, man, what a great day!  We slept in until 10:30!  Together!  I love that!  My boyfriend, who is accustomed to waking up with the birds to get to work, was quite surprised and delighted!

I woke up to the sweetest comments on this blog, on yesterday's post.  Thank you both again.  ((((Rawlicious Barbie and Mikelle))) both started my day so beautifully. 

We made a green lemonade, an extra large one, because we shared it. 

Have I ever mentioned that sharing is not my favorite thing in the world?? :) 

I may have, a time or two. 

I love weekends because I get to hang out with my boyfriend and all, but my juice and smoothie intake cuts in half because I share with him.  He hovers excitedly when I take out the produce and prep 'MY AREA'. 

I want him to be as healthy as possible, that's not my resistance... I just wish he had his own stash of produce and his own juicer.  Well, his own stash, for sure.

I am being silly as I write about it, but honestly, my inner bigbabylala gets grumpy at cutting my portion in half.  This is my breakfast!  For me, it replaces coffee AND food, lol.  He has his tea and doesn't eat in the morning.  So I get inwardly harrumphy.  I don't mention it because he's a really excellent sharer, even with chocolate (gasp!) and even has the 'here, you have the rest' gene that I seem to be missing.

Oh yes, now I remember mentioning my 'sharing problem' on here before, because my conclusion feels oddly familiar...sharing shouldn't mean less for me.  hahahaha! 

So anyway, we drank our green lemonade and had our hug.  He will never know my sharing issues because I measure our glasses out evenly, despite the screaming in my head. bahahahaha!

We got our guitars ready because every Sunday we rehearse our band for 4 hours.  It's one of the highlights of our week, because we got a new drummer and we are over-the-moon with his talent and how he fits in with all of us, personality and work-ethic-wise.  We scored!  We all enjoy really productive rehearsals and are learning new songs, and going over all our older stuff to get him up to speed. 

Half-way through rehearsal today, we took a break and went out for a walk to the store so the guys could get their teas and coffees.  I remembered that I had brought those fabulous raw brownies.  So I mentioned it, and they lit up and said, "You've got brownies??!"  

Ok you know how the brownies are FREEZER brownies?  Well, I forgot to take them into the freezer in the studio, and they'd been sitting in the truck two hours, sweating in a tupperware container. (It's not cold or snowy here, just raining and very damp out.)  So I opened it and they looked like a hot mess, all melted onto themselves, and I didn't even think about it, because I know how good they are anyway... but when I passed it around, the guys said, "Um, those are brownies?"  hahaha I said, "Yeah, they're kinda hooped, but they're tasty...try one..." 

They did, and they really liked them anyway.  I didn't go into the "they're raw' punchline, and instead just let them stand on their own.  Yep...them's brownies.  So even wilted, they were a hit.   So this photo is a harsh segue from brownies to fajitas...but BAM! Fajita time!

For dinner, I made a big salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, shredded cabbage, and cucumber, along with some raw fajitas.  I have had this recipe a long time, and there was something about it I really liked, but I never loved it until tonight, because as I approached the quantities, I remembered that I always find it 'too much'.  Too strong, too 'hot', too everything to be that enjoyable.  My boyfriend, on the other hand, has yet to eat a food that is too anything, so he has always loved it, so I make it.  But I figured I'd adjust it to my taste, and he would add his hot sauce like he does, anyway, and make it to his liking. 

FAJITAS by Josephine from RFT, with my adjustments in brackets.

2 portabella mushrooms, sliced
1 red, yellow, and green bell pepper, sliced.  (I used 1 red pepper only)
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 walla walla sweet onion, sliced (I used about a 1/5 of a red onion)
1 zucchini, sliced thin
1/4 cup Nama Shoyu (I used 1/8)
1/4 cup olive oil (I used 1/8)
2 Tablespoons chili powder (I used 1/2 teaspoon Mexican Chili powder)
1 tsp cumin powder
1/4 tsp cayenne powder

Combine ingredients in a bowl and marinate 2-4 hours, drain, and serve.  (I didn't have time for that so I put the whole business in the dehydrator for about 1/2 hour and it came out flavorful and warm, ready for the tortilla and the sour cream.)

SOUR CREAM recipe is here.

We were invited to two parties this evening, but have had a very full weekend, and after dinner we just decided we were all filled up for now, so we passed on both and are enjoying a quiet evening at home with the fireplace on and the dog snoring.  It's raining out, and all is well with the world.



Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

yeah, i can understand wanting everyone to have their own stash :) ... i watched your green smoothie video, well done! ... and wow, do you have great hair! ...

Rawkin' said...

Hi Lisa,

Well now would ya look at that. My day ends on yet another high note of a beautiful blog comment. Thank you so much!
And yeah, our own stash, right? ;)

Zucchini Breath said...

I am way worse at sharing. I make smoothie he gets a short glass and I get the rest. No refill, buddy, sorry. Peace on earth ends where somebody drinking all my smoothie begins :)

Rawkin' said...

Zucchini! We were separated at birth! Good thing, too...since neither of us share too well...might've come to fisticuffs! ;)

I laughed out loud reading your comment, because you do what I wish I could do.


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