Saturday, 19 December 2009

Hello, Beautifuls!!

Ate a great dinner ...Ani Phyo's 'Red Beet Salad'...had seconds...mmmm... and a sprouted grain tortilla with the last of the hummus...and a brownie (fresh batch!...great transition from, and better than, my Green & Black's *giant* chocolate bar.)

Half-watched/half listened to, a Christmas movie on W channel...there is an endless stream of made-for-tv Christmas movies this year, and while cheezy as all get-out, they're nice to have on while uncooking.  I'm softening in my...well, was gonna say 'old age' but screw that!  I'm feeling younger by the day eating this way.  I'm just softening.  I used to abhor all things Christmas, but this year... I dunno... I've stopped pushing against it, and going with the flow is creating a much nicer experience for myself.

So I'm going to put this out there...just to have it out there...and to see if I can stir up any local interest....

I want to put on simple raw food workshops in the new year, and when I said to my boyfriend, but I'm not going to be very credible, I'm not all lean and raw looking yet... and then I realized that this is everyone else's starting place too, so I thought, why not tailor the workshops in the spirit of 'being in this together'. 

I have the raw equipment, and my Alissa Cohen Living on Live Food Level 2 Certification.  I can teach what I have learned, and what I know from my 2 years of dukin' it out with the ups and downs and sideways of raw...and we can look up the rest.  (I even have a white chef's coat that I am SO gonna wear!!)

I would only want about 4 people to start, just to get my wings a bit.  Does that sound like a plan?   If it interests you and you are in the Vancouver BC Canada area, contact me by leaving a comment and we'll get this going.  I can work one-on-one, too, if that suits you better.

Earlier in the day we went to the grocery store and loaded up on more greens, and came home and made green lemonade, which I shared with my boyfriend.  He loves this drink so much.  He is very satisfying to please with raw foods, because he savours not only the flavors, but the healthy aspect of it, and he gives me these big smiling sighs with his eyes closed after drinking it, then grabs me up in his arms and hugs me.  ~Swoon~ I'm so in love with my guy, and my family, and life... ahhh!  and green lemonade :)

It is so good to be raw again.



I love reading your blog . Keep up with the greens beautiful red head goddess

mikelle said...

hey there! i absolutely adore you and am so happy that you are back to posting, raw or not. i want to tell you that when i first went raw, you were so influenial and inspiring to me. so in regards to what you were saying about bein' all lean and raw lookin, you have something so much more important than that - you have the gift of being able to inspire. i just enrolled in school to learn to be a health counselor and i was having similar thoughts. why would anyone want to get nutrition help from someone with such terrible hair? and patchy skin? and cellulite? :) my own self-talk turned into the realization that i was letting little nagging fears hold me back. so i went to war with the fears and paid for school so there is no turning back. anyway, i hope that i will be able to find it in me to be able to inspire others, as you have. and if i was in BC, i would be at your class in a heartbeat.

Rawkin' said...

Hi Mikelle, also a beautiful name :)

WOW thank you for this comment. I feel loved!! :) :)
I appreciate every dang bit of what you said, right to the core.
Thank you for reaching out to me. And WAY TO GO on paying for school and shutting down the ol' monkey mind talk. That is impressive and I'm sure you will flourish! Congrats!! And thank you for saying you'd be in my class, aw, that means a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I would love to come to your class and live in the lower mainland. I work days but can attend evenings or weekends. Leave a note regarding details.

Love your stuff,

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