Monday, 28 December 2009

Stuff about raw, stuff about other stuff...

Not much to report...headache-y day...lounging about...

I figured I would make a giant batch of green lemonade in my juicer...the equivalent of what I make when I juice it for my boyfriend and I. In other words, so that I could have BOTH big glasses of green lemonade. (Celebrating not sharing!)

This means I juiced a very large head of romaine, a couple handfuls of mixed greens, 3 small apples and 2 small lemons.

I loved it when I drank it, both glasses...but then, I got hit with a headache within a half hour or so, and it has stayed with me the day.

Is this drink as potent and cleansing as this...that it would throw me 'head first' into detox? Really? It's all I could come up with...but I am not sure. Yesterday was raw, and for that matter, over a week before Christmas was raw, too. But this is more green lemonade than I've ever drank at once. I have had it spaced through the day, but not in 2 'big gulps' sized glasses.

Subsequently I was a big blob today, a tv-watching, napping, layabout. It's not helping that I have no car these days...but usually I find things to do that have nothing to do with going out. So, not sure what's up. I did do a bunch of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and cleared up a few issues (Issues! Gesundheit!). Did walk the dog, who I am sure can't wait for Mummy's energy to return!!

Walked her to the store, where I picked up bananas, apples, more greens. Hey, the other day a friend of mine reminded me of something I'd learned a while back but had's kinda cool.

You know how we're all used to peeling a banana from the top down? Well, if you turn the banana upside down, pinch the bottom, it easily peels and then you can use the 'top' (now the bottom) as a handle. Totally goofy banana peeling demo. This is banana outside the box.

In other news... I stayed raw today, except for the Ezekiel tortillas I made with the hummus at dinner. Oops the chick peas weren't raw either. What's a girl to do but congratulate herself anyway? Really, this is such an improvement and steps in the right direction that I can't help but feel so happy with myself.  Anyway, here is our beautiful meal:

Speaking of happy, that is my goal, always. I have been misguided in my search for understanding, insight, reason, meaning. That led to mucho naval gazing and depression. Now, I reach for happiness. Whatever makes me happy, I am all about it. The rest follows.

So what makes me happy? Well, gratitude produces happy feelings, to be sure. In fact, that's been the straightest path to happiness I've ever found.

I'm going to start a 'photo' list, in no particular order, of things that make me happy.  I'll try to end the blog posts with these.  So to are a couple of goofballs that make me really, really happy!

my pets, Ruby the cat, and Gracie the dog....

and the day these two met.  I took this photo the moment I placed Gracie on the floor with Ruby.  Ruby was 4 months old, and Gracie was 8 weeks.  They've been fast friends ever since!

What are you grateful for, Rawkers?  :)


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