Saturday, 26 December 2009

And we're back...

Swedish Speed Bump Sign
Omigosh, I was so grumpy today!  Wha 'happened to that fun-lovin' Christmas girl?  lol

Could be all that cooked food.  I have made that SAD food/angry the next day connection before...

Ah, well, this too shall pass.  Tomorrow, the grocery store will have its regular hours again and I can load up on my beloved produce.  All my cells are keenly anticipating green lemonade, fruit, green smoothies, and salads.  Bring it ON; I'm so ready.

Yesterday was so lovely in every way, and I enjoyed the foods at the time, and it was all part of the celebration for me, being connected, etc. 

There was a Christmas...or was it a Thanksgiving...where I prepped an entire raw meal and brought that while everyone else was doing the usual thing, and I may do that again down the road...but this year, it wasn't possible, so I went with the flow rather than stress about it. 

And I don't regret it.  Even today's grumpiness...pretty great reminder that all that angst fades when I keep to mostly raw foods. Raw foods are so healing.

Honestly, the moment you make the decision to turn your attention to raw foods and health, it feels like your cells change.  I know they say Thank You!!

I've been so happily raw again, and Christmas was just a speed bump; one day.  Back at it, Baby!  Just pickin' up where we left off on the 24th.  I'm doing great and feeling fabu!!  If you've 'taken Christmas off' with your eating, it's not all lost.  Not at all!  Just keep going now!  Come with me!


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