Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Chwithmath!

Well, I had the best Christmas...the most perfect of days!  We were absolutely surrounded by love and laughs and & friends, young & old, all groovin' along together, having the time of our lives!

I'm so in love with my family!!  Omg they're a riot.  Pretty 'out there' bunch who love each other to the ends of the earth.  We are so casual, everyone on cushions on the floor, or on a couch, or at the table, just folks everywhere...with plates on their laps, chatting away, sometimes tete-a-tete, sometimes to the whole group.

As nontraditional as we are, we had the traditional Christmas feast, and I enjoyed every Standard American Diet bit of it, and seconds.  I just let loose and felt great about it.  I brought my raw brownies and they were an over-the-top hit!

I would have loved a coffee, and I'm delighted that I resisted the urge. 

I would have loved a toke, because I associate it with celebrating, but I'm so glad it wasn't even an issue.

Lots of folks were drinking, but it was easy to pass there, as I feel so removed from that old part of my life. 

So...with the stuff that would have really set me back, I held strong to my convictions, and I know that that was the right thing to do, and a 'wrong' turn there would have meant a real big struggle at the end of a downward spiral of addictive issues.

So I cut myself slack in the food department, and I enjoyed every bit of it.  And tomorrow, or maybe the next day, I will get right back on the horse and start my day with a green lemonade and just pick it up again.  My youngest son made me laugh when I was saying to someone in the kitchen...Well this has been heaven...and my boy piped in, "and tomorrow you go back to hellllll-th.  lol

We had a big music jam at the end of the meal and it was such a great time, pickin' tunes and singin' with friends and family. 

I'm absolutely swollen with gratitude at the gifts these beautiful folks are in my life. and turkey.

I sure hope you had a fabulous Christmas with your family and friends, and that whatever you ate, you found joy in it!



Anonymous said...

you are sheer wonderfulness lucie! So glad you had such a lovely life affirming day with your family. It makes me smile big to read. I had a chocolate bingeout yesterday (boxing day) courtesy of a big basket of the stuff from my bro for christmas. But we are off to the coast for a week in half an hour, and i will be clean, clean and green over there :) Thank you for your inspiration always, and have a wonderful New Year. See you on the flipside!



Rawkin' said...

Aw, SG, you are a DOLL. thank you for saying that about sheer wonderfrulness. I love it :) And back atcha!!

And really, best to get that chocolate out of the house, and I can think of no better way!!

I love that you are now emotionally prepared for a clean & green coming week. That's the way! I am welcoming my new week the same way.

Good on us!!

love you long time, SG!

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