Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Last February, I found a little hard-cover book at the thrift store, called The Secret Gratitude Book. It's meant for someone to write down their gratitudes, but there it was, completely empty, and brand new in a 'used' shop. I picked it up, then set it down, thinking, "Ah, it's 'The Secret'...kinda corny to buy into the merch..." - even though I'm a big fan of the movie, and above all, the concept. I went poking around the rest of the store and on my way out, felt an irresistable urge to double back and get the book. I mean, there it was, empty, and cheap. (I've felt like that a couple times in my life,lol.)

It sat for a few days and finally, I wrote. Then once more, in March. Then it sat, untouched, until October 25th, when I reclaimed it. I've been writing in it almost daily, since.

It's set up in a really great way. On the left hand page, you write your gratitudes for what you are currently experiencing in your life (people you love, things you have, things you do, events that rocked your world, etc.) On the facing page, you write your gratitude intentions as you would like to experience them. You write things & experiences you want, that are not currently in your life, but --- and this part is important: you write them in present tense, as though you are already enjoying and experiencing them, and are expressing your gratitude for them.

This has proven so powerful in my life, as one thing after the other that started out on the 'right hand page' has manifested and I am finding myself expressing gratitude for it being in my life (the left hand page.)

Enter the Green Star Juicer. I've been coveting those for a long, long time. I even have a link to a video of it doing its juicing thing that I watch now and again. Every few days, in my gratitude intentions, I would write: "I'm so grateful now that I have my Green Star!" Then I continued on to other gratitudes.

Yesterday, it occurred to me again, and after I finished my writing, on a whim, I looked in the household section on craigslist. I only go to craigslist for art & music gig notices, and once, to list our motorcycle. But household stuff, not since I was hoping against hope I'd find an excalibur dehydrator about a year and 1/2 ago.

Something told me to look, and holy cow, there it was. I noticed it was listed on a Saturday morning, 2 days before. I was pretty sure it was a long shot, but I emailed anyway.

Well I'll be.

That afternoon, a lovely woman called me and told me it was still available. I just couldn't believe that it spent an entire weekend this close to Christmas, at that reduced rate, without getting snapped up.

But I went to look at it that evening, and met with the most charming woman named Vera. We took to each other right away! My boyfriend was with me, and he got chatting with Vera's husband.

They're moving, so she said she had other appliances available. Long story short, she insisted that I take, gratis, a brand new food processor. She said she plugged it in once, and it scared her (bless!) and she'd never actually used it. In the box with the manual. I happily accepted her generosity, since I've misplaced the post that holds the disc on my old one, and can't use one of the key functions.

Beyond this, I felt like I made a friend! Steve must have felt it too, because as Vera and I were in the other room, we suddenly heard guitar, as the men found common ground in their affinity with bluegrass. Turns out they know a lot of the same core of local players.

When we left, it was with hugs rather than handshakes.

And in the last 2 days, I've enjoyed my Green Lemonade again, something I'd been sorely missing!

I juice in the morning, and again when Steve gets home from work, before dinner, and it's very motivational in making better choices through the day and evening.



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