Monday, 21 December 2009

Sleepy Monday

Wow, what can I say about today?

I slept most of it, much to my poor dog's chagrin.  She was so bored.  Usually 'mummy' takes her for nice walkies and gives her treats and rubs her belly and spends a lot of time generally making out with her, kissing those big floppy jowls and lovin' 'er up.  My Girlie.  But today, ol' Gracie was on her own. 

She woke me up, and I assumed it was to pee, so I threw on a robe and slippers and took her outside.  She peed, but then started scampering in that gleeful mad 5 minutes kind of way, and I just wasn't feelin' it.  So I called her back inside, ate two bananas, and went back to bed.

I slept on and off, only getting up to pee and sometimes watching tv (from my bed! So sweet!) then drifting off again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have entered detox.   Rawkin' Unplugged.

Some point in the afternoon, I got up and made a raw green soup.  Just had a big hankerin' to, so I done did it. 

I took the vita-mix out and threw in spinach, a tomato, a small garlic clove, a chunk of cucumber, a little green cabbage, some dino kale, avocado, a tsp of miso, a healthy sprinkle of dulse flakes.  I just made it up as I went a long and damn, it wasn't half bad!  I'd even say, it was really good. :)

Then I went back to bed!  I guess you could say I'm allowing this because what would be the point in fighting it?  Oh sure, there are a couple voices in my head urging me to DO something, but I just relax and realize that I AM doing something.  I'm not a lazy person.  I've got a lot on the go, many varied creative interests and endeavours, so when I have a few slowed-down days, I think I can 'run' with it, honestly.

I did phone my boyfriend, when I was finally outside at 3 pm, because the poor dog was going to poop in her fur coat if I didn't take her for a walk... and said, "I'm embarrassed to tell you this, here you are working your butt off...but I've been sleeping on and off all day!"

He just said, "Good!  You're detoxing!  Way to go, Luce!!  This always happens, remember?"

Really?  This much?  He assured me that this was a great sign, and congratulated me on really goin' for it. 
I hung up rather relieved for the loving reminder.  It's so great to get a shot of perspective when in the midst of something. 

He told me he was on his way home, so I got my act together and cleaned up the kitchen and threw the last of the fajitas in the dehydrator.

When he got home, I made us a green lemonade which we drank right away.  About a half hour later, we were faj-eatin' and chatting about his day. 

It's just after 10 pm now, and I'm not too wonder there... and I am going to take my doggy for a walk!




you are totally rawesome! I added you to my list of inspired bloggers on my bloggedy blog. Keep RAWK!

Rawkin' said...

Wow, thank you so much, Crystal! What a fabulous comment from fabulous you! I checked out your blog and you're pretty rawkin' yourself!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, those detoxin days! definitely very normal ... be interesting to know exactly what the body is doing during that sleeping and resting time. xx


Rawkin' said...

Hi SG xo

My guess is that for the first few days, all the cells are running around, bumping into each other, and don't know whether to shit or wind their watches; they've won the nutrition lottery!!

They have big meeting, and everyone is issued their orders.

They have a big, happy party to celebrate the departure of that nasty gang of toxins who had taken over their turf.

Cleaning up the 'hood takes a lot of their energy, so they turn some things on low while they focus on others.

That goes on for a while then one day, they power up and you have energy to burn!


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