Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Good eating day!

Breakfast: green lemonade. I'm loving this concoction!  I had it within an hour of waking, at around 9 a.m.  That sated me for a couple hours while I painted.  I have a show up right now at a little coffeehouse, and I've been told that it's been extended until the end of January, so I'm adding to it...plus, I have to paint to replace the ones coming down in time for Christmas.  (See photos of my show here. I felt so much love, at times I thought I'd burst!)

I was flipping through my recipes last night, and decided to make 'better than beef burgers' for dinner, so later in the morning, I put a bag of carrots through the juicer.  (Found out that the smaller 2lb bags makes 4 cups of pulp...just.)  That's exactly what I needed.

Once I had my carrot pulp, I juiced an apple and a piece of ginger so I could enjoy a glass of carrot/apple/ginger juice while I proceeded with my recipe.  It made 4 patties and I popped them into the dehydrator and took the dog for a walk to the store. 

I bought what I needed for Lemon Pudding, an all-time favorite around here, which was what I planned for dessert. 

The rest of the day, I spent painting, and noshed on 2 bananas, 1 apple...then later in the afternoon, I finished off the little bit of leftover 'pesto pasta' from last night...loved it still, but it was so fridge-cold and I prefer it at room temp or even a little warmed.  But I went with it.  I took a break and turned on the tv, a usual daytime non-issue for me, but I thought I'd watch a moment while I ate, and I caught Craig Ferguson on Rachel Ray.  I love that guy!  So funny!  He makes me smile just lookin' at him, and he was funny as hell today.  So that was a nice way to spend a little snack time.  Then off it went, and I went back to the easel, until the looks the dog was giving me got me up and out in the rain.  She romped around like it was just wonderful, so I decided it was.

When my boyfriend came home, I made us a green lemonade (again) and then about 30-40 mins later, we dove into a salad, the burgers, and the lemon pudding.  (For 'buns', I just used the flax bread I made the other day; worked beautifully.)

Hope you enjoyed your day!


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