Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Lil' Dehydrator that Could...

I'm preparing a raw meal that I am going to enjoy with a good friend of mine this evening :)

Our dinner menu is:

Kale salad
Enchiladas wrapped in tortillas
Appleflax cookies

I've been at it since last night... that is one busy dehydrator. I need more shelves! 9 isn't enough this time!

I'm making a double batch of Rawritos because they are that good. (Well, and because I'm sharing! And sharing should never mean less for me!! hahaha that sums me up rat theyah!) I sprouted my sunflower seeds a couple days ahead of time in preparation for these and now they are taking over the dehydrator, using up 4 shelves. I've got flax crackers in there as well, and the tortillas have taken over the cookie shelves, temporarily. The flax will be ready first, then the cookies can go back in.

For this week's menu, I took care not to include any nuts in any of the recipes, as I'm still not interested in eating them these days. I feel so much better without the heavy denseness.

This will be my first meal of gourmet raw since my no-fat week. Today, I am eating tons of greens and fruit, and keeping it light, as it seems to be the way my body wants to go. But I'm up for a treat this evening! :)

The Enchiladas are from a Brigitte Mars recipe. I usually make the fabulous Enchilada recipe from Alissa Cohen's Living on Live Foods, but I wanted to try something new! I'm wondering when exactly I grew a pair, cause I'm serving it up tonight, un-tested! (Yeehaaa!)

While they were out in plain sight ;) I tried one of the cookies (I HAD to, didn't I?) and they are simple and delicious. The recipe is from Juliano's 'RAW' and it's a keeper. I wish the book was. It's a loaner that has to go back in a week.

For months I'd been checking different library branches on my various routes around town, waiting for raw books to become available. It's great news that raw is becoming more mainstream and the books are in demand. Used to be the stuff of 70's hippies in brown-paged, hard-cover books.

Well, one day, I was sitting here at the computer, and it occurred to me that I could go onto the library website, and put books on 'hold' via my account. So I did a search of raw food lifestyle and recipe books, went down the list and checked off all the ones that interested me and put a 'hold' request on them. They were all to become available at different times, and so for the past several weeks, I've been in raw book heaven. As I type this I have a stack next to me:

Leslie Kenton's Raw Energy Bible
Brigitte Mars Rawsome
Juliano's Raw
Matthew Kenny and Sarma Melngailis' Raw Food Real World

And that's just this week. Last week, I had Ani Phyo's book, as well as the Raw Food Primer...and I'm sure there have been more but they are blurring together in my memory. Of all of them, the ones I'm going to 'have to' buy are Rawesome and Raw. Too juicy to return forever.

Quick update:
My sproutees are doing well :) Wanta see?

Have a great day, Rawkers!

UPDATE: Here I am with my sweet friend, SW.

Our dinner was most tasty!! The Kale salad had some kick to it, different type of cayenne this time, and it was really nice with the coolness of the avocado and tomato. (Listen to me sound all foody! heh!) As I mentioned, I'd never made this enchilada recipe before and it was very nice with the tortilla wrap. The appleflax cookies were yum, but the hit of the day...the thing that made us keep eating (I can only speak for myself here, but even after I was full)... those addictive and delicious RAWRITOS!! Oh BABY!!!

SW's partner was with us for a bit and before she left, I gave her a Rawrito and she put it in her mouth and crunched it and waited a moment. Then her eyes widened and she said "OMG!! So good!" Then, pointing to SW, she said, "We're getting a dehydrator!" haha

If you click the photo you might be able to see our wee feasty! I've come to love our weekly raw dinners! We chow down and yak about raw, and this n' that, have a bunch of laughs, it's great!


Rawkin' said...

Hiya, Macie :)

Aren't libraries super cool? I love browsing books online then staking claim! I'm sure there are lots more to pour through and I'll let ya know for sure!


Wildhearted said...

I am of the "sharing should not mean less for me" persuasion too!

Thanks for sharing your uncookbook reviews with us! Wish I was there to sample your treats!

Aurora said...

I've been on the waiting list for the Super Charge Me DVD at my local library for months! Damn all the raw fooders here in Santa Cruz!

I have already exhausted the book supply... I still like to buy books too.... I'm up to 27 (and counting), if you need a review on anything let me know!

I got RAW at a used bookstore, so you might check that out too.

Rawkin' said...

Hi Aurora,

That's hilarious, damning the raw fooders!!

Super Charge Me is super cute!! (And informative and very inspirational.)

I didn't even know there WERE 27 raw books out there. How cool is that? Me, I've read/flipped through a bunch, and I own 5. There are a few I want to add to my 5. That's cool you found RAW at a used bookstore! Way to go!

Another great idea for the Rawkin' reviews!! :)


Anonymous said...

OMG, the sunflower pate is *seriously* delicious! The little one loved it and we both cannot stop eating the rawritos! (plus, that's just so much fun to say!) XOXOXO

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