Thursday, 7 May 2009

Day Three Fat Free Update

Day 3 Wednesday, May 06, 2009

9:30 smoothie containing 1 large mango, bit of frozen raspberries & blueberries, 2 bananas, dandelion, romaine. Not that delicious, actually! (Gave the last couple inches in my glass to Gracie, who loved it...but then, she's used to weird tastes...)

1 pm smoothie containing bit of frozen blueberries and blackberries, 1 frozen banana, 1 big disc of pineapple, rainbow chard, and spinach. YUM

Wow, not hungry between 9:30 and 1. Hm.

I took the chickpeas I’ve been sprouting and I made raw hummus and didn’t even taste it…just put it in a tub with a lid in the freezer for next week. Then I could smell garlic and that made me a bit, um, nostalgic… but it was a fleeting thought. Keeping the big picture in mind. It's just a week, for gawdsakes. All good.

This, most of the time, is actually so easy, I’m wondering if I’m doing it right.

Something’s right though, because I notice changes in my face. Not only my skin, but I have that lean, glowy suppleness coming back. Already?! HOORAY.

2:30 2 Bartlett pears

My boyfriend is not liking this at all! He’s cranky (bless) and hungry. Nothing sates him. I offer more smoothie or to make him a salad and he snaps, “I don’t want more of what I don’t want to begin with!”

Poor Dear.

The one thing he is begrudgingly loving is the slimming down that’s going on.

I wonder why it’s easier for me? Mindset? Maybe because I keep accountable to this blog? Maybe because I’m the one who heard Victoria Boutenko speak?

Or maybe because, as he said to me today, pouting, “If it wasn’t for you, I’d be eating roast chicken and donuts! And nothing would be organic! It costs twice as much as anything else!”

I said, “You would eat an apple with over 50 known chemicals on it?” And he said, “Yeah! You’re the only reason I do any of this shit!”

And I smiled and said, “Aw! Well you can thank me in kisses… or… I take cash!”

I think I saw steam coming out of his ears. Hm.

This is all while walking around Whole Foods, hungry, loading the cart full of produce, while smelling cooked foods wafting from the deli and cafĂ©. Which reminds me, Friday night at the fish n’ chips open mic is gonna be a challenge, holy crap. One day at a time, girl. I can bring a big pitcher of smoothie, some fruit, etc. yeah, that’s it, fruit. Um…

We get to the beater van and load it up and take our seats and what do I see flapping in the wind? A parking ticket!

Yep, it was steam, alright.

At home, during a lighter moment, we did have a conversation about what it meant to him to do this, and why he felt it was hard, and you know, one of the things we figured out is that he's just not eating enough food! No wonder he's miserable! He comes home from work, having taken the time to only eat one or two things and is *starving* when he comes home. I have made sure there's a smoothie and a salad waiting for him, and ask which one he wants first so that there's 30 minutes between them, as per food combining 'rules' and he says things like, "Fuck the rules, I want them both now!" And sometimes, believe it or not, I do know when to shut up!

He seems determined to go the week, though. And yesterday I asked him to check with himself and make sure he wasn't doing this because he thought I needed him to. And he said that no, it was for himself. Ok then. Let's carry on! We hugged a long time.

4:30 3 bananas! Oh and by the way, when I eat 3 bananas, he eats whatever he wants. Other than the smoothies and salads that I just keep comin', we just graze independently, as our individual hunger dictates.

6:30 – salad containing mixed baby greens and shredded red beet, red and orange pepper, alfalfa, and sunflower sprouts and yesterday's left over salad 'dressing' made of:
3 small roma tomatoes, 1/3 cup onion, 3 celery stalks, juice of 1 lemon, 4 soaked sundried tomatoes, a bit of herbamare salt. Somehow it didn't match this salad...don't know if it was the alfalfa or the beets, but it was a miss. But I ate it anyway.

We walked the dog down the street to the store, because in our produce frenzy, we forgot her food. No sooner do we walk in, we run into a friend who lives in the neighborhood. After hugs and niceties, she says, "Wow, you really look like you've lost weight!" And I say, "Well, I'm in the process..." and before I can finish, she says, "No, I mean him!"

Hahahahahahahaha my boyfriend is back IN. We lauged at that all night.

7:30 glass of smoothie containing blue/rasp/blackberries, bananas, squeeze of lemon juice, red chard, and romaine

I mention ‘glasses’ of smoothie because otherwise I drink the whole pitcher when I’m not sharing. I don’t love sharing, to be honest, but I love my boyfriend, so I do.

9:00 ½ pineapple

11 off to bed, hungry, no wait, stimulated, but happy I’m almost half way through the week already!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny. Not liking sharing your smoothies... hmmmmmmmmm...who else has that lil' issue?

You two are doing so well. Keep it up, Mr. Steve.

Do you ever read Angela Stokes Raw Reform ? She seems to eat quite fat free, seems to exist on not much actually , but does drink good amounts of water.

I'm with you on the bliss of cold smoothies, warm is like medicine.

Have begun to EAT my beloved bananas whole and not add them to the smoothies as I think they are the Sludge making ingredient.

Beeries, apples and greens just blend up thin and stay thin.

Rawkin' said...

When I ate S.A.D. I didn't like sharing my chocolate bars, either.

Thanks for your vote of confidence. Mr. Steve is down 2 lbs this morning and in a much better mood! :)

Yeah, warm smoothies ... enh.

Freezing the bananas does wonders in a smoothie, much better, as they do sludge it up, I agree.

Big hug,

Macie said...

You are doing so well! You're lucky to have such a supportive boyfriend ... sounds like he's trying so hard!

Rawkin' said...

Thank you, Macie! :)

My boyfriend is such a sweetiepie!! He's so supportive and will try pretty much anything except cold soup! I am a blessed woman! He's always listening earnestly to the latest study I've read and going along with dietary changes. In exchange to hearing me prattle on, he does have a raw food chef in the house and eats like a (healthy) king! ;)


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