Friday, 8 May 2009

Day Four Fat Free Update

I found this photo of myself at age 40...on the beer & hair dye diet ;)

See the inflammation in my face?

See the pain in my eyes?

I don't know if anyone can look at this picture and see what I see, but to me, there is no comparison and I only feel compassion when I see my lost self.

I had a steady diet of beer, pot, fried foods, take-out foods, canned foods... this was going nowhere good. Three years later, I was several lbs up and looked as I do in that photo on the right, in the striped shirt. My official BEFORE photo.

Before photos are not before photos when you take them, unless that's your intention.

They are just photos of your sweet self, posing, hoping for a nice picture, like always. It's only when you later see it, that you surprise yourself. "OMG, I didn't realize I ___________!"

That's ok. There can always be a new photo. There can always be a new choice. And there can always be a new you.

Below, age 45, with my drink of choice . . . feeling so much better about my choices, myself, my life!!!!

Day 4 Thursday, May 07, 2009

Boyfriend down 2 lbs! Much better mood.

Been up a couple hours but haven’t needed anything until now…

9 am smoothie containing black/blue/raspberries, bananas, pear, and romaine…delish!!

Holy crap, it’s 2 o’clock…this hasn’t happened in a while… actually, since the last/first time I went raw. Long spaces between needing to eat. Sure I could have eaten at 11 or something, but I decided to go out to poke through a thrift store, then I took Gracie on a long walk in the park. Here it is, 2 pm and I honestly could wait another hour or more. But! I just cleaned out the vitamix and I’m gonna make a smoothie.

2 pm smoothie containing: pineapple, mango, spinach Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

4 pm 3 oranges

So, yeah!! My boyfriend is in a much better head space today. Musta got it all out yesterday. Good boy!!!! He just didn’t feel so deprived today; he felt he got over the hump. He got up and weighed himself and just felt more on purpose. He says his reasons for doing this week are about ½ and ½ …weight loss and the way he feels. He had more energy today. It’s the first day he’s noticed a difference in his energy level.

Me, Same weight today, but my energy rocks!!

7:30 pm giant salad with romaine, kale, red chard, tomato, celery, orange peppers and dressing made of mango, celery, and spinach, blended.
That sweet dressing was so good, I had seconds! Who has seconds of salad??! Well, me. And prolly lots of rawkers, right?

10 pm 2 slices pineapple

11 pm Goodnight! Not going to bed hungry. But I AM really, really happy! That internal happy, about nothing in particular, and everything at once. Grateful.


Judy said...

Just got back from stocking upp on produce. Saw someone had the Green for Life book in her basket with her list so i stalked her until a I could ask her about it. She's just getting started on smoothies so we shared a few favorite combinations. She then said she would have a smoothie for brkfst and lunch and then something for dinner but "I'm usually not that hungry, it's strange." I said, "I know, I've found the same to be true and I've always been very adamant that I HAVE to have meat protein to not feel hungry." We parted ways with good luck wishes and headed home to our lunchtime smoothies
Cool chance meeting in the produce section.

Rawkin' said...

Hi Judy :) I stalked her until I could ask her about it... heh heh heh my kinda girl.

What an awesome 'chance' meeting, says the girl who thinks there are no accidents. ;)

Smoothies are surprisingly satisfying! It's quite a wonderful feeling to be full, yet still feel 'light'.

How great to run into a like-minded soul today!


Macie said...

You look younger at 45 then you did at 40! The glow on your face is unmistakable :)

Rawkin' said...

Aw, thank you, Macie!! Make a girl's day, why don'tcha!!! :)


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