Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Walk in the Park

Last night, I was thinking that I'd like to start walking in the mornings. I want to combine my body's daily need for exercise, with its need for fresh air and sunlight.

I used to power-walk with a friend on a daily basis years ago, and enjoyed its many benefits. It toned my body, cleared my mind, helped digestion and sleep, to name but a few. But I wasn't doing it for any of that back then. I just wanted to firm up and lose weight. While that's never a bad idea, my aim now is health.

So this morning, I took my camera along and took in the sights. This is a lake about 5 blocks from my home. It's a lovely oasis from all things city, and it was a wonderful way to start my day. I said hello to many different people during the hour I was there, and saw moms with babies, seniors doing Tai Chi, dogs frolicking in the was a tonic for the senses.

And I enjoyed the morning sun. Truth is, I'm not getting enough sun light. Like most people, I've fallen prey to the notion that it's best to stay out of the sun. But in the same way that eating sustains us, but over-eating leads to consequences like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc... sunlight heals us, providing we don't stay in it so long we burn our skin to a crisp. This means getting an hour of morning light per day, and not hanging out in the noon-day sun.

Raw foods are so profoundly healing and life-changing, that it's easy to think it stops there; that eating raw is all you have to do. And while eating raw does bring about pretty stunning changes, there are other factors that contribute to our glowing health; exercise and sunlight being among them.

Believe me, there are days when I'll be all, "What? Now you want me to go outside? Don't be ridiculous! My computer is inside." Those days will be more challenging, but I'd like to stick to my plan of daily walks.

I'm already going to the gym, but that can be hit n' miss with me, so if the walks are there, I've got movement covered, lol. It's good mentally, as well. I got a big-time sense of well-being when I was out walking this morning.

I remember back in the day when anything 'good for you' made me roll my eyes, and when anything 'wholesome' made me gag.

Now I write about it, and take my camera along.

Life is funny, Rawkers! Enjoy your day!


Diet Plan said...


I there are so many people facilitate by this park.

Zucchini Breath said...

Oh, your route is beautiful!

I need to get out an walk more, myself.

Early morning sun is the way to go. Hat and sunglasses anytime after ten. :)

Rawkin' said...

Hi Zucchini Baby,
Yeah, this route is so pretty! Made me glad to be alive, walking there. Well,I'm always glad to be alive, but this heightened my awareness ;)

I'm going to photograph my walks when I remember to...and they will be lovely in their own city-way.

Have a good one!

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