Sunday, 10 May 2009

Day Six Fat Free Update

Day 6 Fat Free Week Saturday, May 09, 2009

6:30 a.m. a couple glasses of lemon water
11:30 a.m. ½ honeydew melon

5 morning hours with no desire to eat whatsoever. Unusual for me. Am I really re-training my body??

Went riding the Harley on this gorgeous and sunny Saturday, and didn’t even think about food all day. Just peckish now (it’s 4) so I walked to the store and bought stuff for a fab smoothie. I’ve thought a few times how funny it was that at the beginning of the week, I shopped for produce and said we were ‘set for the week’. Well Bahahaha to that! We’ve been back 3 times for stuff. You go through the fruit & veggies fast when that’s all you’re consuming!

4 pm green smoothie, containing romaine and red leaf lettuce, passion fruit, bananas, apple, frozen blue and blackberries… YUMMY!

And that’s all I ate today! That's honestly all I felt like. For this day. For all I know, tomorrow, I'll need to eat more.

We had a gig at that pub on the beach again, and my big ol’ smoothie kept me just fine throughout the night. Didn’t even eat when I got home; just went to bed.

This is where my boyfriend parked his flag, though. At the gig.

On the drive there, he was so distracted by hunger that he said it was all he could think about. So when we got there and the waitress asked if she could bring us anything, he ordered a veggie burger and yam fries.

I thought I might have to go busy myself elsewhere while he ate but I honestly wasn’t suffering through it, so we just continued chatting and that was that.

I was still full from the smoothie, and I personally wouldn’t want to stop a day short. What’s one more day? We’re in the home stretch now, Baby! But he clearly had enough as of that moment!

So good on ‘im.

He said, “Wow, Baby, I commend you for being so strong, holy crap!” And honestly, if I was white-knucklin’ it, I would have probably caved, but the truth is, I was just fine and it didn’t take strength.

Stubbornness, maybe! Lol!

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