Friday, 1 May 2009

Purple Smoothies & Buckwheat Tails

Some mornings, my Green Smoothie is SO delicious, that it's all I can think about while I drink it. Every sip bursts onto my tongue.

Today's was like that. Replete with frozen blueberries, in the end, it was more of a Purple Smoothie! An apple and a banana, a beautiful leaf of swiss chard, a handful of romaine, and a couple little leaves of curly kale made this powerhouse complete.

I am SO making another one for lunch. It's just such a gentle way to start the day. I don't drink coffee anymore and my entire adult life, I was a coffee HO! And when I couldn't be a coffee HO anymore, I tried to turn into a Tea HO but I couldn't pull it off. It just wasn't me.

So now, I wake up and don't have a drink of anything. (Does that make me just a HO?) ;) Anyway... ahem.

But later in the morning, after my eyes focus, I start to really look forward to my Smoothie. I get hungry for it, and go hunting and gathering in the crisper, keeping in mind to rotate my greens to keep a wide variety of nutrients comin' at me!


Buckwheat Update:

This is a photo of my buckwheat on Morning 2

Houston, we have TAILS! Well now aren't these co-operative little babies!

My widdle buckwheaddies! Sorry, when I get excited, I sometimes talk like Elmer Fudd.

Do they need bigger tails? Can I do this until tomorrow and THEN they'll be big enough to enjoy? Or is this it?

I googled 'sprouted buckwheat' and got a photo that looked like the tails were a little longer so I'll see how they are this evening, as they seem to grow fast. I have read that they don't need a long sprout time, and to not over soak 'em.

Besides using the sprouter to rinse and drain, because of the slimy, starchy water they create, I've been taking them out of their 'tier' and putting them in a small-meshed colander and putting my tap water on high pressure and basically fire-hosing them until the water runs clean, then I put them back in their sprouter tray. They like it rough.

So I'm supposing that in order to use them in a recipe, they need to be thoroughly dried. My question is, do they come round to that by themselves or do ya always have to dehydrate them first? I read not to store wet seeds in the fridge...can they sit in their trays on the counter to dry? (Does anyone have this answer? I love learning and would be most grateful!)


Tonight, I have a gig about an hour out of town, in a pub on the beach. Usually, we host our open mic on Fridays, but our musician friend is graciously subbing in for us.

We are playing with a full band, and I am so looking forward to it! We will perform three 40 minute sets of our original Rockin' Country Blues, from 8 - 11.

My goal, as it is every Friday that we play a night of music, is that I eat something fabulous and raw, that will sustain me through an evening of high energy music, while seeing (and smelling) stuff like potato skins and chicken wings waft by.

And without nuts in my diet, gourmet as I know it is not on the menu, at least until I figure that out... so I'm thinking a large dinner salad with avocado and chick peas in it, maybe a sprouted grain veggie sandwich, and then bringing a smoothie and some fruit to the gig to keep in the car on breaks.

Hm. Sounds like a lot when I type it out, but even though I've been raw, it's almost like I'm transitioning to how raw should be: so nutrient-dense that hunger isn't an emergency, and your mind doesn't go crawling desperately for what's next to eat; where an apple will do. It's like I have to ween off the raw 'junk food' to experience that light eating again. Well, so be it!! hahaha! I'm willing to meet myself where I'm at today! So while it sounds like a lot of 'emergency food', it's all good stuff, so what the hell, right? Last time I checked, I wasn't goin' for Sainthood... just better health.

Oh Endless Lessons, it's so nice to know you have not forsaken me!

Off to my rehearsal!

Enjoy your weekend, Rawkers!

Well now, I think this calls for a TA-DAAAAA!

And this, well this calls for a DOH... I didn't yield enough for my nutfree bread recipe! So... DOH! Howevahhh.... it IS delish as a cereal, with a bit of rice milk and some blackberries and blueberries...HELLO, Buckwheaties!


Aurora said...

You can dry them on the counter just fine. If you put them outside in the sun, even better. But watch out for birds!

I have a buckwheat entry on my blog, I think it's in the summer archives somewhere... I will try to find it and give you the linky.

Have fun at the show.

Aurora said...

Found it!

Scroll down to "more raw food".

Rawkin' said...

Oooh I was hopin' you'd come in here! Fanks!! :)

My friend just gave me a little zip up green house and I'm keeping the plastic flap tied up and the air can circulate real well in there, so I think I'll put these guys on the top shelf in the morning...don't think the birds can get in there!

I'm all 'dolled up' hyeah...that means I'm wearing a dress instead of jeans... and ready to go to the show. Been rehearsing the new tunes all afternoon, and feel ready as I ever get. No matter how many years I do this, I still get a 'new kid at school' feeling when it's a new venue, as it is tonight. Thanks for your good wishes!


Rawkin' said...

Yay, thanks! :) I am so tempted to read it now because I care more about buckwheat than gigging at the mo' but I have to clean out mr.beater van because we're giving our drummer a ride and right now it smells like a kennel. And not in a good way. ;)

Have a great night :) Thanks for the link!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Ms. Rawkin',

I finally got the courage up to make my first green smoothie, per your suggestions. We both loved it! Hope your gig was fabulous, but then, how could it not be, since it was you? :)


Rawkin' said...



Toot-tootle-oot-tootle-oot-toot-tooooooooot! That is your parade music, my Dear!!


This makes my day! I'm so glad you both loved it! If you down one of those daily, you're a long way towards vibrant health!

Well done!!! :)

big love and way proud of you,
PS Thank you re the gig comment. It absolutely ROCKED! It's right on the beach and it was filled with partiers who loved our music...the cops had to come because people were dancing (wtf) and there is a No Fun license in place or something. Honestly. But we played right through it, watching the proceedings with amused interest. Go big or go home, right? ;)

Debbie said...

You are both so fabulous. I love reading your blog and although I've been a vegetarian for 25+ years and eat well "most of the time" your stories are tempting me to try raw foods but not sure where to start. The "no fat" for a week is awesome - do you think I can get Dave on it ???

Love to you both, Debbie

Rawkin' said...

Hi Debbie,

Thanks!! :) Being called 'fabulous' can really make a girl's day and a guy say Shucks!!

I'd say a great way to incorporate more raw foods into your life would be to add a salad with your lunch and/or dinner everyday. And if you eat it with cooked food, be sure to eat the salad first.

Also, a green smoothie goes a long way to better health and eating raw.

Simple green smoothie: in a blender, put a few leaves of spinach (small palmful) a cored apple, some frozen blueberries and a banana. Walla!

There are those who do the switch from cooked to raw overnight, and I can't speak for them, but whenever I've gone too fast, I've paid for it with constipation, bloating, indigestion etc.

As to getting Dave to try the no-fat week...I dunno. I kinda think the desire to be raw has to come from the individual. ;) Plus, I would not personally go from cooked foods to a raw vegan no-fat week. Easing into raw is best, in my opinion.

You know what they say about opinions... ;) ...but that's mine :)


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