Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Raw Calm, Baby!

After my week of no fat, I find myself leaning toward light eating. Leaning, get it? I just ate a giant mixing bowl of salad, and this morning I enjoyed a green smoothie.

Off I went to the gym, where I noticed something different. There I was on the treadmill, loud, thumping music coming from the loft, with an aerobics teacher yelling HO! every now and again to get the group moving. (HO?) Hm.

Same busy, noisy place and the difference was that my mind wasn't busy. At all. I realized this last week, that as the days wore on, it got quieter and quieter in my mind. Where I am usually very chatty, I've been noticing lately that unless there's something to say, I'm feeling calm and quiet.

On the treadmill, this translated to an empty head (in a good way.) Not looking at the TVs, not checking my heart rate, not checking the time left, just running, running, running, running, running. It was so beautiful.

I had forgotten this benefit of eating lots and lots of greens...it gets quiet inside. Monkey Mind goes away. That right there is worth any effort it takes to go raw. There's this beautiful stillness from within. It's so awesome!!!!

I've come to see that this happens not on gourmet raw alone. It happens on raw with a heavy greens component. Not to say you can't also have gourmet raw as well...just not instead, as I was doing since taking my chef courses. BALANCE, Libragirl, BALANCE. I'm excited about this! Quietly excited. ;)

The rest of my workout was good. You know, I hadn't been to the gym in over a week, since all this swine flu news...I was originally thinking that the gym is such a hotbed of germs, I'd wait it out. But you guessed it, the hell with that. I don't want to live that way. I'm far better off getting the benefits of exercising my body than I am not exercising and worrying about it. I missed it, and it's wonderful to be back to the gym and to my senses.

After the gym, I stopped in a couple thrift stores on the way home, those great Ladies Auxiliary types. I love those. I am on the hunt for large glass jars with lids, for my sprouts. I don't want those two part metal canning lids because, well, blech to metal & sprouts. But that's all I found. Oh wait, I did find a little summer skirt ;) (above)

In other news... I've got sprouts going again! I found some little organic seeds packets at the store and found them irresistible. They're called BioSnacky, and I got one with 'Mild Aromatic Mix' which contains lentil, mung, and white radish seeds and one packet of broccoli sprouts. They are in my Biosta sprouter now. I still want glass jars so that I can have more than a couple things going on at once.

But this will do until that happens. These say 3-5 days, and already they have cracks and tails. Haha cracks, you know what I mean...the seeds are crackin' open!

The broccoli sprouts (the tiny brown seeds below) are not appearing to be doing much of anything yet, but I just put the whole business in there last night, so it's early.

I've got flax bread in the dehydrator right now, and it will be ready to accompany tonight's meal. I've made hummus for it, and I'll make a salad.

Off I go into my sunny afternoon, gonna go enjoy this beautiful spring day!

~Have a wonderful everything, Rawkers~

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