Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Zoo Experiment

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The following is from yesterday's Oprah show: Investigating Food Myths with Dr. Oz

I didn't watch it, but this study was cited on a raw food support board and I thought it was worth sharing here...


"In another experiment, nine people reported to the Paignton Zoo in Devon, England, ready to go ape.

All nine people had high blood pressure—which Dr. Oz says can strip a decade off your life span—from years of eating unhealthy foods.

For the next 12 days, they lived in the zoo and kept to an "evolutionary" new diet—the zookeeper fed them a diet reminiscent of an ape's.

To get the calories they needed, each volunteer had to eat 11 pounds of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts every single day.

Can a human possibly lose weight eating 11 pounds of food a day? (Rawkin' Note: I do! In the form of green smoothies, fruit and vegetable salads, and gourmet raw dishes... just sayin'...)

These volunteers ate a lot of food—as much as what is sitting in front of Oprah and Dr. Oz.
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Yet after 12 days, their cholesterol dropped by an average of 25 percent, their blood pressure dropped by 10 percent, and they lost about 10 pounds each—including two-and-a-quarter inches of their waists.

"The results were … remarkable," Dr. Oz says.

"When you eat this kind of food, you're sending a very clear message to your brain," Dr. Oz says.

"You're taking calories and nutrients. What we normally do in America is we give calories to people without nutrition. The natural colors are gone, and so your brain sits back there and says, 'Am I still hungry or not?'"


It's SO good to hear a mainstream doctor on a mainstream show talk favourably about RAW~!



Anonymous said...

I saw this! I thought of you right away.
Then I went and ate a bowl of brocolli! ;D


Rawkin' said...

AWESOME, Dani :)
Thatta girl! xoxoxo
thanks for reading the blogerino :)

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