Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Happy Raw Campers

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Went camping with a friend of ours, and introduced him to eating raw! When he had asked about chipping in for food, I told him, "Well... we eat raw, so if you want certain things, you should probably bring a cooler of stuff..." But he thought it was intriguing that we ate raw, and decided to go along with it for the weekend. It was a stunning success... he was so into it! And no wonder... I brought along such delicious stuff, if I do say so myself ;) I brought fresh fruit, veggies, and wonderful dips, fruit leathers, spaghetti pie, tortillas, and even raw chocolate coconut fudge...it was divine!
Now that I'm back home, I get to start really playing with my dehydrator! It arrived a couple days before this trip and I thought of it fondly throughout the weekend!

Even though we were under tarps, the frequent rain left me damp and chilled and for Sunday night's supper, I 'broke down' and had some cooked food... I ate steamed turkey...and while I could say I'm sorry, I am not! It, too, was delicious :)
By the end of the weekend, our friend told me that he's going to start incorporating a lot more raw foods into his diet, since he felt so energized. :) How cool is that?


Anonymous said...

You are so cute! I love that pic! Isn't it exciting to turn people on to raw, even just a little bit!

Have a great time with your dehydrator!

Raw Vegan Mama

Rawkin' said...

Well, you DARLIN'... cheque's in the mail ;)

It really is exciting to turn people onto raw...it really gives one so much vitality and energy, that it's a joy to spread the word. Especially folks who have known me a while, they are seeing me come from a depressed, overweight, over-drinking woman with very few 'lights' on as far as happiness goes.........to a plugged-in, slimmed down, HAPPY version of her former self!!

As for the dehydrator, I am just looking longingly at it today, since I'm 'between shops'...must get my recipes together so I know what to get...so I can load that sucker up!

I named it, by the way, it's called SPANKY :)

Rawk On, Raw Vegan Mama...thanks for reading my blog...I enjoy yours too!


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