Friday, 28 September 2007

My Blender's Too Sexy for My Counter!

This morning, I was making a green smoothie and I walked away from it while it was whirring away.

Then I heard a crash!

Aw, shit!

My blender vibrated right off the counter!

There it was on the kitchen floor, half hidden behind the garbage can, still plugged in, motor running, but the pitcher was off on another floor tile.

Once I unplugged the blender and stopped the motor, I sighed, figuring I'd have a hell of a cleanup on my hands.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I picked up the pitcher and saw that with the lid on tight, I did not lose a drop!

Someone is lookin' after me today!

PS It was delish!


Anonymous said...

I reckon that was some supershero drink right there! ;D

Dani xo

Rawkin' said...

Hey Dani, yeah, that's what I figured too! Energy to burn!


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