Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Search Feature

On the left hand top corner of this screen, you'll see a little 'B' in an orange square. Beside that it says 'search blog'. Well, they mean this blog, 'Rawkin'.

As the blog grows, it's becoming important to navigate easily. If you want to revisit a page, such as for a specific recipe or article, just type a key word into the search and it will take you where you want to go! Walla!

I'm gonna try it now.

A while ago, I wrote something about maca. So I'll type maca in the search. It pulls up all the pages I ever mentioned maca:

To narrow your search, type something more specific, pertaining to maca, lesseeeeee.... ok, I'm going to type 'sex' (I don't know! Maybe that's what you remember reading about maca!)

Now, it refined the search and pulled up just this page:

That's it!

Just a little tool to help you navigate the site.

As you were. ;)

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